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Featured Article: Chat Etiquette

Author:  United Federation

(This chat etiquette page is my personal opinion and is not official policy of the Lacuna Expanse) 

This is not a hard concept to follow.   Due to many issues with players in the past I thought I would write a section on chat etiquette.   Certainly for new players looking for alliances or just looking to not be attacked relentlessly..  How people perceive you and your attitude towards others will define you throughout your gameplay.   I have seen some players play for a short while and get into an altercation with another player and end up having people rise up against them.  I have seen some players who plays for months but no great alliance would accept them due to their actions in the chat rooms in the past.  


  • How you treat other players, certainly on a public chat, will define your character and your empire. 
  • Spamming chatrooms with useless garbage also is a good indication on whether you would be a good player or take the game seriously enough that they would want you in their alliance. 
  • Using profanity even though it is censored to a degree will not only not make you any friends, it could get you banned from the chat for days or even booted from the game entirely.
  • Using the "Chat To All" feature to spam messages or to attack another player verbally can end up getting alot of players both new and old to attack you.   No one wants to see someone ramble in a chat to all message that they are forced to look at.  Abuse of this system can also get you banned from chat for a period of time.
Now there are certain occasions when you may be fed up with another empire either harassing you via chat or sending you nasty mails or even relentlessly attacking you.   There are other things you can do besides trying to take them on one on one in chat which may get you in trouble as well as then such as:
  • If you want to go at it with them in a chat, invite them to a private chat.  Keep in mind that you can always copy and paste the data within that chat to record your conversations with them.
  • Send your arguments about what they are doing to them in a mail.   This is a good option as you can have time to reply without having an angry tyrade or escalating things even further.
  • Ask a more powerful player/alliance to get involved to try and quell the situation before it becomes out of control.
In the end, this is just a game; however, the purpose of this game is for entertainment.   If you cannot enjoy playing your game it can lead to you leaving the game.   No one wants that.   Thats why there will be others that you can always ask to help mediate an altercation or a rivalry that has developed.   We all want to live, play, and grow within the Expanse.   Just following those simple common sense approaches above can make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.
Good luck on your journey!  and Welcome to the Lacuna Expanse.

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