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Solution to our money problems!

General Discussion

Solution to our money problems!
User: 0088
Date: 6/26/2016 11:15 pm
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Now that Lacuna is in trouble, i think it's time to give my opinion again.

This isnt a new problem, but now that JT is treatening to stop the game i have to say something.

All the coders we have, have done a great job, keeping the game going for so long and its much appreciated. The game is unique and the best in my opinion ........many will agree with me.


It all went wrong when automated excavators were introduced. It was wonderful, everyone was happy, even me. Before we all had to send them out one by one, only getting about 30 halls after spending the whole day sending out excavators.

Buying a hall, yes! 1 hall cost you about 15e before the change.

Now with today's economy its far below that.

So by buying a 49.99 essentia package; you will never need to buy any other package again......ok unless you want to rush all you buildings, but tbo who really does that.

Well now i said what i believe is the problem, but its only fair to give a solution aswell.

Problem: Halls aren't valuable enough anymore, no reason for peeps to buy more essentia.

Solution: Have to make halls more valuable, by making them more rare.

Please don't get me wrong: I'm not saying we should change how excavators work, just make halls more rare.

At present most of us old timers are sitting with 1000's of halls and nowhere to use them, so if everyone has them why will people be willing to pay 15e for them..........simple economics right?


It surely will take halls out of the game, and continue to do so........every other successful game has something similar. Lacuna does not, the only thing close to it is subbing building ....but thats also limited.

I spoke to Norway about it about a year ago, he said it would be simple to implement it, but he rejected the idea, saying that he has to keep the game balanced.

Why i loved Lacuna so much, was the fact that we can do things different from everyone else and still get the same result, or even a better result. But now when you "reach the top" there are only 2 ways of going forward 1)inssurection or 2)wait for enough happiness to colonise another planet.

Now that doesn't seem very balanced to me, for its accually just 1 option to advance: Get one more planet, build buildings, get them to lvl30, then the next one over and over again. There are no other options.

If we do implement this idea, it will give us an other option and at the same time fix Lacuna's economy, by letting us use those halls. Just think how many halls you will need to upgrade to lvl 100 or lvl 500........ there will be no hall stockpiles will use what you have/get and only be willing to sell what you have for much more that 0.01e per hall.......thus taking essentia out of the game via halls and halls via unlimited building upgrades. Peeps will NEED to buy essential again, not FORCED to buy by threats of game closer.  

NB! With a balanced society where everyone has the same as everyone else, there will be no need for money at all, right? Lacuna is now a very well balanced society and we don't really need to buy anything anymore. 

We really need to unbalance it now, before it's to late, what do we have to loose.

Thankyou for reading, i apologize for my grammar.


Re: Solution to our money problems!
User: Wolfsfriend
Date: 6/29/2016 9:34 pm
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0008 What you say is valid. Yes there needs to be some changes I agree. The thing is that all of our people who can program for us are absent. There is only one that I think is still active, and I say that based upon what he said. And I take him at his word. In the last two weeks I have heard nothing from anyone.But I am working on this problem. It will just take time to get what we need. All I ask of everyone is to please be patient.Invite anyone and everyone you can. Send out your Invitation Codes and earn some E. Just do what you can to help.

Have a Great Day,


Re: Solution to our money problems!
User: Rhutenia
Date: 7/1/2016 1:51 pm
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Thanks, 0088, I think this is a good idea as well.

The main 2 drawbacks to this idea that I can see are this:

1) The old players with big stockpiles would just get that much further ahead.

2) It wouldn't take very long for production rates, etc. to hit the integer max, and thus there is a physical limit to how high things would be able to go before there was no real benefit to it.

I guess a third objection would be that there is no new tech to unlock above level 30, although that's probably not a big deal and anyway they could always introduce new things if that were a concern. To fix my #2 objection would require either the overall production curve to be lowered or the hall output to be lowered, either of which would be better done in a full reboot anyway. I'm pretty sure that Norway and icydee have looked at those issues in detail.

Re: Solution to our money problems!
User: lemming
Date: 7/1/2016 2:17 pm
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The reboot code did have flatter curves, and there were a few other changes to make it more interesting 1-30.

What the other project is now working on is adding a couple other factors for interest, though there are still a couple other things needed for stuff to do once you have colonies all built up.

Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!