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Excavator Changes Now Live


Excavator Changes Now Live
User: lemming
Date: 3/24/2012 10:30 pm
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Excavators now are less server intensive, more information can be found in the wiki under the Excavator and Archaelogy Ministy entries.

Most of the new code dealt with excavators, but a few other items were in there.

  • Mod: A few more messages added to excavator destroyed.
  • Mod: Destruction odds modified down.
  • Mod: Excavator plan returns adjusted slightly.
  • Mod: Trades are 0.1 to 100.0 inclusive. Rounding happens after 1 decimal point.
  • Mod: Amount of resources returned by excavators brought down to reasonable levels.
  • Mod: AIs stop sending redundant probes.
  • Mod: Secret stuff.
  • Mod: Tweaked probabilities of glyph returns.
  • Mod: Zero is ID of the archeaology ministry itself on returned data.
  • Fix: Scanners & Surveyors do not cause an exception when they arrive at an asteroid.
  • Add: Space Stations can propose Members Only Excavation Rights.
  • Mod: Include ArchMin in probabilities passed back by view_excavators.
  • Mod: Detonators now destroy excavators.
  • Mod: N19 reports on excavators and detonators.
  • Mod: Updated Archaeology.pod
  • Mod: Adjusted percentages of results.
  • Mod: Major change to how excavators work.
  • Fix: Fixed some position errors in rearrange API.
  • Fix: Sabotage Probe and Appropriate Resources had text formatting bugs.

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