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Game Link / Review Contest


Game Link / Review Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 2/11/2012 0:47 am
Views: 1097
Rating: 1

Contest Dates:  NOW through 3/1//12
(Duration extended so more players may be able to get involved)

Post a review of the Lacuna Expanse in as many places as you can.  
You can post them in places such as:
  • Game Review Sites
  • Blogs (Your own or other people's blogs)
  • Social Media (Facebook, Myspace, Googe, Yahoo, etc)
  • Or whever you can legally post reviews/links.

Added bonus: In addition to posting a review and the link to the Lacuna Expanse. You can also add your friend referral code and if someone joins from reading your review. Then you can gain extra Essentia.

  • After you have posted a review or game link for TLE, record the address of the location for my review. At the end of the contest i will take a look at all reviews/links to determine if they are valid and still available for viewing.
  • The links to all your reviews/link locations must be posted as a reply to this contest thread. Only reviews and links posted during the contest period specified above are eligible to get credit.
  • Please note that posting in unauthorized places and the reviews/links being deleted will not count. Only the reviews/links that are still posted at the end of the contest will be counted.
  • You must include your ingame name when submitting your links/entries. Failure to provide your ingame name with a submission will result in you not getting credit for the entries you have submitted.
Contest Rewards:
  • First Place - 50 Essentia
  • Second Place - 25 Essentia
  • Third Place - 10 Essentia
A Little Help To Get You Started:
Below are a list of game review sites in which you can start placing reviews on:

Online Games Gallery

World Online Games

Browser MMORPG (You must login to vote and leave a review at same time)

BBG Site

Good Luck, Get To Posting Reviews and Links!
United Federation - Contest Administrator
Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: felekar
Date: 2/19/2012 5:02 pm
Views: 39
Rating: 0

Review filed for Foxes

Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: jcheung1
Date: 2/26/2012 0:09 am
Views: 0
Rating: 0 <- awaiting review by admin

Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: dastardly1
Date: 2/26/2012 0:26 am
Views: 28
Rating: 0

The above are posted by Dastardia and named as such in the review

Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: The Vasari
Date: 2/29/2012 4:09 am
Views: 15
Rating: 0
The Vasari has reviewed on the following sites

  • Online Games Gallery (This review still awaits admin certification)
  • World Online Games
  • LE Facebook page
  • ggFTW (I think it's called)
  • Reddit
  • Browser MMORPG




The Vasari was here :)
Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: Sweet Diapers
Date: 2/29/2012 2:50 pm
Views: 57
Rating: 0

New Entries from Sweet Diapers

Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: Platypus Empire
Date: 3/1/2012 4:38 am
Views: 51
Rating: 0

Howdy All,

Lacuna Expanse is one the best games I have ever played. It's for new gamers and more experianced computer gamers, so it would take ages to get bored of it. So I highly suggest that you come and have a look.If you have any more questions you can ask me in the game with this name: Platypus Empire.

From Platypus Empire,

Happy Gaming!!

Ok so these are the web pages i have reviewed on:!/apps/application.php?id=160138070670866&sk=wall&filter=12 (top of page) (waiting on admin)

So that's all I have done so far XD.

Happy Gaming

Re: Game Link / Review Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 3/2/2012 4:21 am
Views: 198
Rating: 0

The Winners of the TLE February Contest - Game Link / Review Contest

FIRST PLACE:  Sweet Diapers with 8 Entries
  • First Place - 50 Essentia
SECOND PLACE:  The Vasari with 7 Entries
  • Second Place - 25 Essentia
THIRD PLACE:  Foxes with 6 Entries
  • Third Place - 10 Essentia
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