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Re: July Help The Newbie Contest


July Help The Newbie Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 6/23/2012 1:24 am
Views: 702
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JULY HELP THE NEWBIE CONTEST  (Modified 6/24/2012 @ 2 PM CST )


With any online game it is important to gain and maintain more new players.  One of the most frustrating things for new players at games is to not be able to understand different aspects of the game and/or not be able to get assistance when it is needed.   Therefore this contest will reward those who help new players acheive greatness.

Please note: Aspects of this contest may change as this contest proceeds.

Contest Period:   NOW through July 31, 2012.


  • Players would have to help new players understand different aspects of the game and assist with their development.
  • New Player Entry Requirements
  1. Player who started between May 31st and July 31st of 2012 (Extended!!)
  2. New Player cannot be a family member living in same residence as the person who enter's them for the contest.
  • Each new player between that period can then post a reply to this contest header and testify as to who helped them, the various ways they helped out, and how awesome of an experience it was for them.
  • The player with the most new people voting for them (admins not included in contest) during this period will win first place.
  • Please note:  Each new player can only choose 1 person that helped them the most.   So if multiple people helped them, they would have to make a decision as to who was the most helpful.
  • New players cannot vote for family members/friends that play from the same location.
First Place - 40  Essentia
Second Place - 20 Essentia
Third Place - Honorable Mention
Re: July Help The Newbie Contest
User: asimov
Date: 7/20/2012 11:24 am
Views: 210
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There's a lot of people, admins and non-admins that help everyone. I've learned quite a bit from lurking.

The one that really stands out though is Mirage. I'm on my third incarnation from when I started, but on my 2nd incarnation, Mirage gave me a newbie package that I guess is above and beyond what's usually given.

They've also introduced me to a couple of bands Laughing

note: my wiki name ≠ my game name