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More is Better May Contest


More is Better May Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 5/5/2012 10:43 am
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More is Better May Contest
Welcome to another monthly contest.  We would like to help those of you who need some extra Essentia and some Halls of Verbansk to have a chance to get some for free.  This month a Pyramid Junk Sculpture is also available as a prize so read below if you want free stuff for a little bit of work.

Contest Description:
  • This contest is simple. Get new players to join the game through invites and link posts.  An extra bonus for any new players that join as a result of you posting your link.  There are penalties for anyone using this contest as a means for multi accounting so make sure you read rules and guidelines below.
.Contest Dates 
  • Current to June 1st, 2012
Contest Rewards:
  • First Place - 50E * Pyramid Junk Sculpture 1+4
  • Second Place - 25E
  • Third Place - 10E
Contest Rules & Guidelines:
  • Contest entries will be for friends joining the game through either an invite to their email, links on any review sites, or any place where someone uses your refer a friend code.
  • Please note this contest is ran through your refer a friend code.  If you get a friend to join without using that code, it will not count towards the contest.
  • Each entry will be submitted through an investigation process to ensure that it is not a multi account.  
  • Any entries from the same IP address will not be counted and will disqualify you from the contest.
  • Any method of cheating in any way will not be tolerated. Anyone caught multi accounting during this contest period will loose 5 essentia in addition to any other puntative actions taken.  Anyone without Essentia that is caught multi accounting during this period will loose all their happiness on all their planet's.
  • In order for a new friend to be eligible for you to enter into the contest, they must reach atleast level 5 university and have completed the new user tutorial.
  • Please note:  some members may wait until the last few days to post their results so don't go by how many players have posted friend's referred.  If you use this method, just make sure that you post your entries by the server reset on 6/1/12
  • Family Members / Friends from the same IP address will not qualify for this contest and you should never use your referral code for friends/family from same location.
  • All Entries to this contest must be in a reply to this contest announcement in this channel.   Please keep all entries in 1 post per person (If you have more entries, just edit your prior post to add additional submissions).
  • Contest Rewards will not be awarded until after this contest period is over and all submissions have been investigated fully.
  • Besides the contest awards listed above, you can also obtain  bonus essentia once your friend reaches a level 5 university.
  • Any new member's join during this period as a result of you using your referral code will get you a 1 time bonus of 5 Halls of Verbansk per person you refer duruing this period.
GOOD LUCK!  Get to inviting and may the best player win!!! Laughing
United Federation - Contest Administrator
Re: More is Better May Contest
User: New Derptania
Date: 5/9/2012 3:47 pm
Views: 40
Rating: 0

I email myself the code, and then copy and paste it for my friends, so when i get the notification of a friend joining it says they have my own email, because i don't want to keep typing in emails and asking for emails... Will this be a problem?

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: lemming
Date: 5/11/2012 1:23 am
Views: 30
Rating: 0

Your friends will have to use their own emails if they want to play.  You shouldn't be setting up their accounts, they should be setting up their own.

Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 5/11/2012 11:59 am
Views: 64
Rating: 0

I suggest that you hae them detonate their accounts and them re-establish their own accounts.  Under the rules of the game/contest, since you set it up for them, it would qualify as a multi-account of yourself and not their account.

Not only will you not get credit for them joining.   This would be in violation of the rules of the game much less the rules of the contest and can have consequences.

United Federation

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 5/29/2012 8:41 pm
Views: 11
Rating: 0

Last few days in contest :(    make sure you put your entries into this contest in a post attached to this message.

Sorry I have not been available due to other issues.   

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: Platypus Empire
Date: 5/31/2012 6:04 am
Views: 11
Rating: 0

Howdy All,

I have recently invited Beatty, he is my friend and I have welcomed him to the expanse! XD He has finished the tutorial and he is lvl 5 uni.

Good Luck all and keep on Lacuna'ing!

Thanks Platypus Empire

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: Captain Siscold
Date: 6/1/2012 1:40 am
Views: 37
Rating: 0

I invited bigweinie123, he's still fairly new, but he is on. Happy Lacuna-ing to all!

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 6/7/2012 6:52 am
Views: 65
Rating: 0

I will be releasing results of the May contest soon.   I have been busy with a surgery for my patient that is taking place tommorrow.    Having alot of last minute complications that are threatening to cancel it.   I should have the results posted in the next couple days.

If you would like to submit a contest proposal please send mail to player named "United" in game.   If your submission is used for a contest, you will receive 10E just for having the idea chosen.   

Have Fun!

United Federation

Re: More is Better May Contest
User: United Federation
Date: 6/16/2012 11:30 am
Views: 42
Rating: 0

I would like to announce only 1 winner at this time.

Platypus Empire - Congradulations!

The other entries I was either not able to confirm or the new players who joined I could not find or did not meet the qualifications of the contest.

A new contest will be coming out soon.

Stay tooned!!!

United Federation