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New Hulk and Scow classes added


New Hulk and Scow classes added
User: lemming
Date: 4/22/2012 2:07 pm
Views: 513
Rating: 1

New larger and faster classes of Scows and Hulks added.
New Types are:

  • Hulk Fast : Needing a Prop lab of Level 30 and a TM of 25 to build.
  • Hulk Huge : Needs a Trade Ministry of Level 30 to build.
  • Scow Fast : Needs a Waste Well of Level 25 and a Prop Lab of 25.
  • Scow Large: Needs a Waste Well of Level 20 to build.
  • Scow Mega : Needs a Waste Well of Level 30 to build.
Other Changes:
  • Most of the other trade ships (and the regular scow) had their stats adjusted.
  • Berth Level was added as a ship attribute. What this means, is that to be able to send a ship, you need a Space Port on the planet that is the level equal or greater than the Berth Level. You can still deliver goods to planets that have lower Space Ports. This only affects the sender. Berth Level is listed in Shipyard, Spaceport, and Trade menus.
  • No ship currently in service is having their Berth Level adjusted.
  • Starting planets are now a standard size of 45 which will hopefully keep people from starting 20 empires just to land on a size 50. This happens with NEW empires, not existing ones.
  • Trade Summary and Mission Summary have been made more compact, so that you will see a quantity, instead of each item listed seperate.
  • Excavators will check to see if you have an excavator from your empire already traveling to a body, instead of only per planet.
  • BHG has a get_actions_for method added to API. UI is still being worked on.
  • BHG can now swap with an empty space in an orbit. You will have to use the X/Y coordinates to do this.
  • Scows do not have to be filled to capacity to send. They will grab as much as possible. If there is no waste to load though, they will not send.

Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!

Re: New Hulk and Scow classes added
User: LordLepton
Date: 4/22/2012 5:44 pm
Views: 85
Rating: -1

Restricting the use of hulks, smuggler ships, etc, seems to be raising the bar for new players who prior to this change could acquire an use these ships through trade. I also think that it is adding additional complication for very little gain. For these two reasons, I find the addition of berth levels questionable.

Re: New Hulk and Scow classes added
User: ZodRau
Date: 5/1/2012 4:12 am
Views: 85
Rating: 0

A level 10 spaceport is not difficult to achieve for a player that has gotten to the point where they have a use for smuggler ships beyond the fact that they go vrooom vroom. As for the hulks, I suspect the legacy hulks will be available for a long time. 

Less developed empires have smaller ships and less need for gargantuan ones. It makes sense, and adds depth to the game.