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Space Station diagnostic


Space Station diagnostic
User: lemming
Date: 6/25/2012 7:03 am
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Mini release with a couple changes for spies.

  • Mod: Intelligence Building Level doesn't factor into training costs.
  • Mod: Burning a spy has more consequences.
  • Fix: No burning spies while they're being transported.
  • Grr: Space Stations shouldn't turn into asteroids. However, they won't die if you want them until we fix the bug.
  • Add: Supply chain now shows 'stalled' status (API only)

Burning a spy will always cost some happiness, more so if N19 investigates.

Spies can not be burned if they are prisoners including during transport to another empire.

Space Stations are having an issue with demolishing modules and something else that triggers a demolish order.  This was destroying the affected SS.  Currently a Space Station won't turn into an asteroid, but the underlying bug is still there.  And you will get an email claiming SS destruction. We hope to resolve the actual bug soon.

Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!

Re: Space Station diagnostic
User: lemming
Date: 6/25/2012 10:57 pm
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Another way to cause damage to your space station:

Setup a supply chain that does not fulfil the Space Stations needs.

ie: Consumption is 9000/hr and your supply chain only provides 8000/hr.