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I want my money ... get spent


I want my money ... get spent
User: Allesmeinz
Date: 8/1/2016 7:29 am
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Hi all,

I finally decided to buy some Essentia - via my credit card.

However, after opening the "Purchase Essentia" dialogue, selecting "Credit card" as the payment option, selecting the desired amount of E, typing in my full name, selecting my country (DE), typing my email address, entering the CC-number, and CVV and clicking "Buy now", I just get a message "Credit card rejected:" :-(

No further explanation was given.

I did not enter any further personal information. (Don't want to and can't imagine why it should be necessary ...)
My CC is an Amzon Visa card, issued in Germany (Landesbank Berlin).

What can I do now? Paypal is NOT an option.

Greetings, Allesmeinz