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Re: I want my money back


I want my money back
User: SpaceDecoy
Date: 7/24/2016 7:10 am
Views: 957
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SOme "one" demolished all my buildings and I want my money back all I get is abuse from other players

Re: I want my money back
User: lemming
Date: 7/24/2016 8:02 pm
Views: 466
Rating: 0

I edited the forum post, because yet again you went outside allowable parameters.

I'm not entirely sure what went on last night, but if it fits the usual pattern, you made a comment that in reasonable society would get you talked to.

Since you have made many such comments, and have been talked to, and threatened, banned, had your empire removed, etc..., what surprises you that action was taken?

I myself warned you whenever you did behavior that even hinted at some of your worst comments, I'd take action.

Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!