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You probably want to start with the getting started guide. However, if you're impatient you can create an empire through either the iPhone client or web client to get started playing right now.

Here you also can learn more about the buildings, ships, alliances, medals, stats, resources, and other elements that make up The Lacuna Expanse.



Buildings (183)
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Featured Article: Buildings List

UNIVERSITY LEVELS 1 THROUGH 9 (see below for additional levels)
Development Ministry
Having one of these buildings is crucial so that you are not just building one building at a time.  In the beginning you want to have this upgraded to at least 3 or 4.   Each level you add to it is another build you can place in a que.  So a Level 1 will allow you to que 2 buildings or upgrades into the build que.   A Level 5 of this building would allow you to que 6 builds or upgrades in your building que.
Intelligence Ministry
This building is your primary place to train and manage spies for your empire. Spies can be both offensive and defensive. Each level you upgrade this building will let you train one more additional spy.
I personally believe that no player that is new should be doing a lot of spy missions on others. Chances are that they either are going to have a lot more powerful spies or you would be attacking another new player which would be taking away from the excitement of both players if you ask me. I suggest you wait for a while until you know the game better before doing spy missions. That being said, you can see the Spying Guide by clicking HERE for additional information.
Security Ministry
This ministry serves to boost the defensiveness of your spies.  It also help detect incoming ships that may be hostile to your planet.
Espionage Ministry
This ministry serves to boost the offensive value of your spies.  It eventually also allows you to build spy pods and spy shuttles.
This building allows you tp build probes and colony ships.   The higher you level the building will allow more probes to be built.  Probes are important because using probes to send to nearby systems will help in your colony expansion. 
Spaceports are where you store all the ships that you build or buy from other players.  Without them you cannot have any ships.  Its always good to build several of these on every planet that you have.  There is an incoming tab on the spaceport to look at information about ships that are incoming.  You can also see information on ships that you may have sent out that are still travelling to their destinations. 
Entertainment District
The entertainment district provides happiness for your citizens, but that is not all.   Your entertainment district also has a Lottery Tab.   This lottery tab has links you can click on to vote for this game.  Each link you vote at enters you into a chance for 10E for FREE every day.  You can only enter once every 24 hours but it is well worth taking just a little time out of your day to get FREE ESSENTIA!!! Woot.. How easy is that.
Ore Refinery
The oil refinery increases production of your ores.  For each level upgrade it will increase production by 5%. Keep in mind that it only affects ores produced on planet.  So when you develop a mining ministry in the future and start mining asteroids, this building will not boost that production.
Parks are pretty much a place of recreation for the people of your empire.   According to how many food types you have you can throw parties and gain happiness.  I personally do not use this building because there are better happiness buildings to replace it with, but again that is just my opinion.
An embassy has multiple functions.  It is required to join an alliance.  For those that are in an alliance you can also access the alliance stash.  The stash is a place where alliance can swap food/ores with each other without having to go through the trade ministry or subspace transporter.  Each level upgrade of the embassy allows you to make another trade with the stash and in higher amounts as well.
Some people may wish to setup their own alliance which is completely fine.  Just know that if you plan to start an alliance that each level you upgrade your embassy allows 2 more members to join your alliance.
Trade Ministry
A trade ministry is a must for each and every planet of your empire.  It allows to to "push" or move resources, glyphs, ships, and plans in between your planets.  You can also purchase trades from other players or place your own trade on the ministry that others in the same zone you are in can trade with you. 
Mission Command
This building is what houses missions that you can complete and get rewards.  This is done on a per zone bases and missiosn are added by the hour.   The higher you upgrade the building the more missions that can be stored within the building.
Oversight Ministry
I personally suggest that this be one of the first buildings you start to upgrade alot.   Each level that you upgrade this building reduces the built time of buildings and their upgrades by 3% per level.  So a level 10 upgrade of this building will reduce build times of buildings and upgrades by 30%.. how awesome is that.
Shield Against Weopons or SAWs
SAWs are your first line of defense.  They fire at incoming ships that should not be allowed to come to your planet.   The more you have the better.  Each planet has a max of 10 that can be built.  But the best part about them is this.  Let's say you have 2-3 planets in one system.  Each having 5 SAWs on them.  Not only would you have 15 SAWs firing on incoming ships but they would also get bonuses because of the multiples  
Munitions Lab
This building will help you build more advanced ships as you upgrade it.  You also increase the combat rating of your newly made ships by 5% per level you upgrade this building.  See WIKI by clicking on Munitions Lab name above for more info on ship types that can be developed as you upgrade.\
When you build a capital on a planet, it will change your home planet to whichever planet you build it on. It will also guarantee that no one can take over that planet.  Your capitol will allow you to upgrade your resource buildings past level 15.
Your stockpile will allow you to upgrade your resources well beyond level 15.  It will also allow a small amount of storage as well.
Mercenaries Guild
The guild is pretty much a trading post for spies.  The great thing about the merc guild is that you can purchase spies from others or even yourself.  Unlike the Intelligence Ministry, with the guild you can purchase spies past the limits of the spies that can be held in the Intel Ministry.  So you can create a whole spy army by purchasing through the guild.
Subspace Transporter
The Subspace Transporter (SST) will allow you to send and receive trades instantly, swap resources at a 1:1 ratio, and instantly push resources to any of your colonies. The hitch is that each function requires a small Essentia tax; 1e per trade accepted and posted, 3e per resource swap, and 2e per resource push.
Archeology Ministry
An Archeology Ministry (ArchMin) opens the door to many new technologies and ancient glyphs. Using the Archmin you can search for glyphs on your world at a cost of 10,000 of a specific ore type. The glyph you find is the same as the ore type you use to search from. Your chance of finding a glyph is 1% per level of the Archmin. The last function of the Archmin is to combine glyphs; putting the right number of glyphs in the right order will award you with a building plan.
Luxury Housing
Luxury Housing is the 1-trick pony of happiness producers. It does not do anything other then produce happiness, but it does that job very well. It produces far more then an Entertainment District or Park.
Mining Ministry
A Mining Ministry is a complex building. When it is built, it unlocks Mining Platforms. Mining Platforms can be sent to any asteroid that has an available plot. Upgrading the Mining Ministry allows for more platforms to be deployed and increases the ore that each of your platforms mine. This will eventually produce much more then a Mine.
Intel Training Facility
The Intel Training Facility allows you to train your spies in the way of gathering Intelligence. Each time you train them they gain as many points in Intel as the level of the facility.
Propulsion System Factory
The Propulsion Factory simply increases the speed of all of your ships by 5% per level. Only new ships built on the planet that the factory is on will receive the increase.
Mayhem Training Facility
The Mayhem Training Facility allows you to train your spies in the way of spreading Mayhem. Each time you train them they gain as many points in Mayhem as the level of the facility.
Pilot Training Facility
The Pilot Training Facility increases speed, combat, and stealth of all piloted ships newly built on this planet. The list of piloted ships can be found on the Pilot Training Facility official wiki page.
Theft Training Facility
The Theft Training Facility allows you to train your spies in the way of Thievery. Each time you train them they gain as many points in Theft as the level of the facility.
Singularity Energy Plant
The Singularity Energy Plant is a top-tier energy producer. It creates a lot of energy with little waste output; the price is in its upgrade cost and time.
Politics Training Facility
The Politics Training Facility allows you to train your spies in the way of Political Warfare. Each time you train them they gain as many points in Politics as the level of the facility.
Theme Park
The Theme Park will produce happiness in amounts based on the variety of food available on the planet. The more variety of food you have, the higher happiness is produced. Happiness is only produced when the Theme Park is opened.
Atmospheric Evaporator
The Atmospheric Evaporator (Evap) is a top-tier water producer. It creates a lot of water at the cost of an extremely high Energy upkeep cost. The water produced is based on the Water Statistic of your planet.
Cloaking Lab
A Cloaking Lab will increase the stealth of all new ships built on the planet with the lab. Upgrading the Lab will cost you a bit of conductive ore. Conductive ores are chalcopyrite, gold, and bauxite.
Terraforming Lab
The Terraforming Lab is a building that enables you to inhabit planets outside of your Habitable Orbit Range. It enables production of Terraforming Platforms that, when sent to a planet outside of your habitable orbits, deploys and lets you build on one plot per level of the Platform (and the level of the platform is 1 per level of the Lab). Multiple platforms can be sent to the same planet to free up even more plots.
Distribution Center
Distribution Centers (Dist Centers) are handy buildings that both hold some of each resource type and allow you to keep specific resources; a particular ore type, for example, in storage for later use, disallowing it from being used in a construction order. 100,000 resources can be held for every level of the Dist Center.
Gas Giant Lab
The Gas Giant Lab works almost identically to the Terraforming Lab with one difference; the Gas Giant Platforms that it allows you to produce can only be sent to Gas Giants. The level of the lab determines the level of the Platform produced, and the level of the Platform determines the amount of plots it lets you build on. Multiple Gas Giant Platforms may be sent to a single planet.

Genetics Lab

The Genetics Lab (Gene Lab) is a building that will allow you destroy imprisoned spies to further the evolution of your species. It will also allow you to rename and/or reset your species. Upgrading the Gene Lab will increase the maximum amounts of successful experiments you can perform, as well as increasing the chance of a successful experiment.

Space Station Lab

The Space Station Lab (SS Lab) is constructed from 4 plans; SS Lab A through SS Lab D. Each part requires the previous part to build, and when it is completed it allows the construction of SS Module Plans. SS Module Plans can be used to construct Modules on a completed Space Station. More information can be found on the official Space Station Lab and Space Station wiki pages.

Junk Henge Sculpture

The Junk Henge Sculpture will likely be your first foray into Junk Buildings. Junk Buildings include the Junk Henge Sculpture, Great Ball of Junk, Metal Junk Arches, and Space Junk Park. Each of these buildings have one use only; to produce insane amounts of happiness. They can only be upgraded by using Halls of Vrbansk, and eventually will take so long to build that you will be forced to Subsidize their build times.

Waste Exchanger

The Waste Exchanger is a top tier waste consumer. It consumes vast amounts of waste and produces quite a bit of Water, Energy, and Ore. On top of that it also will instantly consume a chunk of Waste and, after a hour or two, split that Waste into resources.

Great Ball of Junk

The Great Ball of Junk produces more happiness then the Junk Henge Sculpture, but works in the same way.

Metal Junk Arches

The Metal Junk Arches produce more happiness then the Great Ball of Junk, but work in the same way.

Space Junk Park

The Space Junk Park produces more happiness then the Metal Junk Arches, but works in the same way.

Pyramid Junk Sculpture

The Pyramid Junk Sculpture is the be-all end-all of happiness producers and Junk Buildings. It produces more happiness then anything else in the game, but works in the same way as all other Junk Buildings.


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