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You probably want to start with the getting started guide. However, if you're impatient you can create an empire through either the iPhone client or web client to get started playing right now.

Here you also can learn more about the buildings, ships, alliances, medals, stats, resources, and other elements that make up The Lacuna Expanse.



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Featured Article: New Player Guide

Author:  United Federation, quick revision by TRSS


Multiple accounts are not allowed for the purpose of engaging in any behaviour that is contrary to the 'spirit of the game' as defined by Lacuna Expanse Corp in its sole discretion (Terms Of Service 6.13). Contrary to United Federation's statement that multiple accounts were not tolerated and all of them would get deleted if discovered, it is actually fine to run multiple accounts in The Lacuna Expanse as long as you keep a maximum of one on the official US1 server (playing on the test server simultaneously and running multiple accounts on the same is allowed).

There are few basic ways you can live and play in The Lacuna Expanse.  
  • Isolationist: You can look at the Isolationist Strategy Guide if you want to just have one planet and upgrade/defend it the best you can until its maximized before expanding. I personally do not suggest this method because your home planet generally has lower plot counts than you can get from other planets that may be surrounding your home planet; however, this is the safest strategy to begin with.
  • Expansionist: You can look at the Expansionist Strategy Guide and try to expand as fast as you can and meanwhile upgrade as much as you can at a time.  This is my personal favorite strategy.  If you decide to do this then you should focus on happiness buildings and upgrading them early on; however, over expanding your empire quickly while not being able to properly defend it can also have its own perils.
  • Agressive: You can look at the Offensive Strategy Guide if you wanna get down in the trenches and attack people.  My suggestion is that you shouldn't attack other players real early in your empire development.  It will stunt your growth and the growth of the person you are attacking.  I also wouldn't suggest launching attacks before you get into an alliance that may be able to help defend you in case of reprisals.
  • Peaceful: After your starter colony you can colonize all your new planets in the Neutral Zone. If you choose to do this method, make sure that you purchase fast colony ships for colonizing from veteran players. Eventually you would be able to abandon your home planet and move your capital to the Neutral Zone.  Click HERE for information on the Neutral Zone. The neutral zone is a place where attacking a player is forbidden. The AI computer players will not attack there; however, other players technically can still attack there. If someone does make the mistake of attacking someone in the Neutral Zone then there will be heck to pay from other members of the Expanse. The Neutral Zone is a player enforced non agressive zone.  So if you are in the Neutral Zone and get attacked, please let someone know immediately.
 I personally have a few qualifications I look at for a new planet or even when looking at systems of planets. First of all look for a planet to have the highest number of plots (size) possible. If you can get a size 55 (plot) planet or higher. Above 50 is generally a good choice though. You also should take a look at the resource distribution a planet has. The planets that have the most different types of resources is generally a good strategic bet. I also personally look for a planet with GGs or Gas Giant's in their system.  While you may not be able to colonize it in the beginning, later on your will be able to colonize them (After you get University Level 19). That just means that you will have a planet in a system you can colonize going forward and thats a better defensive setup for the future. 
 I kinda learned this the hard way. On every new colony try to get 4 food types as fast as possible. That way when you build more buildings it will affect your happiness in a good way instead of being penalized happiness for building new buildings. It is really important that you lay out your colonies. As you grow and you have 5, 10, 15, or more colonies. It becomes very important for when you are cycling through your planets to do builds, that you not only be able to find a building you need quickly, but also that they are generally in the same format on every planet. 
As you expand your empire:  I suggest pre-planning your additional colonies.  After you have your glyph plans built then you have enough resources per hour production to then plan out an entire colony.  So if you have a 55 plot colony then you should go ahead and layout all of your buildings. Design where you want everything to be.   You can always demo a building here or there to move things around or if you need another building to be added somewhere. It is alot easier to demo a building that is level 1 and replace than it would be to wait until it gets to level 10-15. Trust me, you will thank yourself for pre-planning your colony out a month down the road. Its also a good idea to put up 2 of each type of storage building.  It will make it alot easier for upgrading buildings as you go forward to have the extra storage.  Atleast until you get an Interdimentional Rift and upgrade it to much higher levels.
 Glyphs are rare and valuable resources that can be aquired in only a few ways.  You can find one in digs at your Archaelogy Minstry, you can find them by sending out excavators to other planets, or you can buy them. The first two options being the best options of course. You use glyphs plans to create glyph buildings by means of Glyph Recipes, which when combined in proper order, creates a Glyph Building Plan. There is a list of all recipes you can look at on the Glyph Recipes WIKI by clicking Glyph Recipes above.
After you have obtained a glyph building plan you can then build it on a planet; however, there is something special about a glyph building plan compared to a regular building plan. Glyph building plans do not use any of your available plot number on the right side of your planet screen. It does however take a plot up on the planet itself. The great thing about them is they produce alot of resources or storage for even a level 1. A resource glyph building normally produces approximately 5K/hr of each resource at level 1. Sounds to good to be true, eh.
I know you are thinking "How do I get it to level 2?" - Well, I got an answer for ya there too: Glyph buildings unlike regular buildings cannot be upgraded with resources, they are upgraded by only Halls. Check the WIKI for Halls of Verbansk HERE.  Halls also be made from glyphs and are a vital part of the game.
 At first the only ships you are really able to make to defend a planet are drones. Build a few of them to defend your planet.  I suggest atleast 5 to start off (which means you will have to upgrade your spaceport a little bit to hold them).  I also suggest that you get an Intelligence Ministry and atleast 3-4 spies to start off.  When you can also build SAWs (Shields Against Weopons).  I suggest building 2-3 of them and try to get them up to level 3 or 4.  That would be a good starting defend.  If there was a powerful player to come along you wouldn't stand a chance of defending against them; however, most powerful players would not care to attack a new player.   If someone does, just ask for help in General Chat.  There are plenty to come to your rescue.  Now one more thing I should say about this.  I have seen new people attacking others and others retaliate and the new player screaming for help.  Do not ask for help if you initiated aggression against another empire.  If you did something accidentally to another player because you didn't know what you were doing, simply mail them and explain the situation.  You might avoid alot of problems that way. 
 The key to expansion in the expanse is one thing: Happiness, Happiness, Happiness.  It's the peaceful way of gaining new planets in your empire (you could also take them from others, but you would probably be at war which will not benefit you at all this early on).  There are several buildings in which happiness is produced: (You can click on the building names for WIKI of them)
  • University -  This building generates more and more happiness per hour as you level it up.  I suggest that whichever planet you have your university on is the main planet you try to produce happiness to expand your empire since the University is only needed on one planet it would give an extra boost towards that effort.
  • Entertainment District - This building also provide a little happiness per hour per level that you upgrade it.  But it also has the Lottery system there where you can win FREE Essentia which will not put a smile on your colonists face, but it sure will yours.  I personally only use an Entertainment Distrct on 1 planet per zone.  You see, you can only play the lottery one time per zone.  So if you have planets in multiple zones you can win multiple lotteries per day.
  • Park -  This building produces happiness through having food to throw for parties so if you have extra food all the time this would be a good option.  I personally do not use this one for more efficient happiness buildings but it is something that a beginning player should use as much as possible.
  • Luxury Housing -  This provides a moderate amount of happiness for a regular building.  I normally suggest placing this building to replace Parks and/or Entertainment Centers as it becomes available for you to build.  Just remember to keep 1 Entertainment District per zone.  You can only build a max of 2 Luxury Housing per planet.
  • Capitol - This building not only shows where the Capitol of your empire is, it also produces happiness.
  • Theme Park -  This can provide a heck of a lot of happiness if you do it right.  You require a lot of different types of foods to be able to run this effectively. 
 You may also consider specializing your planets.  You really only need to do this if you have a low amount of plots on a planet (say between 40-45). Your home planet of course you will be working on a little bit of everything, but as you expand you have the options to specialize planets such as:
  •  Supply/Resource Planets - As you start to get more and more planets you can find it handy to set a planet assign for just food/ore/water/energy production and storage.  Make sure you also put the basics for defense. This can help you when you go to upgrade various buidlings at higher levels and lack the amount of resources needed to do so.
  • Shipyard/Spaceport Planet -  As you grow you will eventually be producing excavators. When that takes place you will be using a lot of spaceport room at those planets that you produce a lot of excavators on.  Its a good idea as you expand to think about having a nice base where you store most of your ships (minus defense fleets you have at each planet).  This way you can have a major attack force to retaliate against those who attack you, or a defense fleet ready to defend you when needed.  If you plan to assault an AI empire, this is almost a must.  Make sure you build munition labs, propulsion factory, pilot training center, and I would suggest even an observatory so you can produce probes and colony ships.  Its also handy to make sure you get a Crashed Ship Site Glyph Plan.  This will incrrease ship stats and raise them each level the Crashed Ship Site is upgraded.
  • Food Planet - There are a couple of different reasons why you may wanna get yourself a food planet.  Its best to have this planet in orbit 3 as that has the most types of regular food buildings.  You can use this planet to supply food to other planets so you can throw parties and make more happiness for them.  
  • Multi-purpose Planet -  This is of course my favorite type of planet and thats got a little bit of everything.  In order for you to do this type of planet where you have all the different buildings you can have you really want to have it have 55-60 plots and nothing less than that.  The more plots you have the better. So if you have to go out a bit farther to obtain a good planet, do so.
I know many other players who have played the Expanse for a while have a plethora of extra glyph building plans available. In fact, I have so many that at times I just trash them in various ways. I believe it is a complete waste of perfectly good plans but I have so many that I don't know what to do with them. From now on any new player that comes to me in chat or sends me mail to United Federation in the Lacuna Expanse mail system will get a set of glyph plan buildings for 0.1E in the Trade Ministry. These glyph plans are buildings that you can build and for resource buildings gain 5K/hr resource production at level 1 of the building. I am not the only one that can offer this.  So if I am not available, go into any one of the chats. Tell them you are new and if someone would be nice enough to sell you a Newbie Package of Glyph Plans for 0.1E. I just bet someone will answer and would be more than happy to.


It is a good idea for you to get to know the other Lacunans within The Lacuna Expanse. You can learn a lot through the expertise of others that have already been playing the Expanse for longer than you have. As you proceed in the game you will gain friends and associations with different players which can be beneficial to both. As players get to know you better you may get invited to or would like to join an alliance.   Alliances are a very important aspect of your gameplay. An alliance can help defend you from attackers or help you with special deals in which can save you lots of Essentia. I cannot stress enough that your online reputation with others is very important if an alliance wants you as a member. Click HERE for my version of Chat Etiquette. You can also click HERE to go to the Alliance WIKI of The Lacuna Expanse or click HERE to go to The Alliance Directory and check on alliances recruiting and even advertise your own.


After you have joined an alliance there is a new feature you can use in one of your existing buildings: It is called the Alliance Stash which is located in your Embassy building. It is a handy tool to transfer resources between your planets without having to wait.  You can trade resources from one planet into the stash, and then move to the other planet and transfer resources again. The only limitation factor is your embassy level. You can trade 10K resources 1 time per level. So a level 5 Embassy you can transfer 50K of resources up to 5 times.  Nice feature, huh. Besides that for some missions available in the mission command you might need resources that you don't easily have in which you can ask members of your alliance to post in the stash and you can trade resources from the stash to obtain the resources you need.


Click HERE for more info on Space Stations

Resource Automation is now available through the Trade Ministry.

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