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Alliance History

Alliance History

Alliance History

This page has been created as a location for the recording of some of this games rich player history.  As players come and go much knowledge about the games past disappears with them.  This history though provides so much richness to the game that it's a shame for it to be lost.

This page is being left unlocked so all players can add to it.  Please include all alliances in Alphabetical order and give their current status whether active or defunct.  Also include a history of the alliance.  Don't write excessive details about the alliance but give enough detail to make it meaningful. 

  • Alph
  • Anarchy! - got merged to Foundation
  • Culture - Active - One of the games earliest alliances founded by Icydee.
  • CFB
  • enigma - Active - "Sentinels of the Firmamentum Lacunae."
  • Five Napkin Burger
  • Flatulent Kittens
  • Foundation
  • Helios Collective - Defunct - A small but initially active alliance led by Sweet Diapers. It focused primarily on growth, trade, and attacking of AI planets. Several alumni of the alliance still play in existing alliances as of 2015.
  • Jagged Alliance - Defunct - Was an alliance of the beta testers and original game developers of the Lacuna Expanse.  Each member of this alliance had an original evein typically kept on the capital planet of the empire.  As some members of this alliance eventually left the game these eveins would be left behind on the abandoned planets to be discovered occasionally by normal players.
  • Knights who say NI
  • Mercury Foundation
  • Nexus - Defunct - A small short lived alliance founded by GrayElf.
  • N.F.R
  • Northern Trade Union
  • Phoenix and the Dragon - Active - Phoenix and the Dragon was created from the Tentacle alliance after the current leader showed little interest in actively playing.  At it's height it was the second largest alliance in the game second only to The Road.  The reorganized alliance was led by Jazz.
  • Purple Stars of Avalon
  • Sea of Goats - Defunct - A member of the Sea of Goats is responsible for the creation of the alliance map and the famous glyphinator Perl script.
  • Seven
  • S.M.A.
  • SRA
  • Star Command - got merged to Foundation
  • Tentacle - Defunct - An early but short lived alliance that was created originally very close to game launch. Later re-organized and Phoenix and the Dragon.
  • The Road - Defunct - Led by Pax Galactica The Road for a long time was the largest alliance in the game. The Road was a very active in chat which probably led to much of its success in size. The Road is also one of the two alliances to have ever won the server tournament by winning the 4 Trel competition.  The Road was also very active in taking down ai colonies and was active in the large "NoHero" war.  The Road always had very close ties to Culture and eventually merged with Culture.
  • The Understanding
  • UNSCulture
  • Zork!

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