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Alliance Logo

Alliance Logo

Every star that is seized by a Space Station has its alliance logo superimposed over it.

  • In order to use a custom alliance logo it is required to upload a PNG image file which measures 300x300 pixels and is named logo_xxxx_###.png (xxxx is alliance ID, ### is version number starting at 001) to Lacuna-Assets/alliances/us1/ on Github.
  • Due to a change in Feb 2016 it is not required anymore to use git, instead files can be added directly via the webpage. Afterwards you may issue a pull request to the plainblack repository which needs to get accepted.
  • Be aware that changing your alliance logo requires to upload a new image file with an incremented version number.

Here is an example of an alliance logo:

Culture logo

Screenshot of what it looks like on the Starmap:

Screenshot of Culture alliance logo on Starmap

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