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Alliances are formal groups of empires. Being an alliance member provides various benefits and enables certain game features.

  • Membership is a requirement to deploy Space Stations which seize solar systems. Many actions performed on space stations require members to vote on propositions
  • Explored areas on the star map by probes and Oracles Of Anid are shared among alliance members
  • Grants access to your alliance's Stash (to be found in the Embassy building)
  • Alliance members can be addressed by using @ally as recipient in the messenger
  • Spies cannot run insurrections on allied colonies

Joining an existing alliance requires the presence of an Embassy on one the applicant's colonies in order to accept an invitation (which gets sent if a vote to induct another empire succeeds). The leader's Embassy lvl * 2 determines the max amount of members.

Creating a new alliance or leaving your current alliance is done via the Embassy building. Dissolution of an alliance will abandon and destroy all of its space stations.

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5The Vasari: "I love being in an alliance! (To be more correct "I love being an alliance leader!")"
5Captain Siscold: "Oh, yeah, alliance leader is amazing! :) Earth Republic"
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