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Assembly of Sadow

Assembly of Sadow

Formation of the Empire of Tarthos

On the Eight Day of November in the Year of the Expanse Two Thousand and Fourteen, the Assembly of Sadow was formed.

Daedric Turelles sat in the planatery command center on Tartha, his advisors surrounding him in their respective locations. It had only been a year, maybe two since the faitful day the cargo ship left Clan Naga Sadow space heading to make a standard trade run with the Dark Council. When the worm hole opened, the crew were thrown to this unknown part of the universe, alone, hungry and afraid. 

In the start the crew of the massive Brotherhood-Class cargo ship worked together, but soon many wanted their own plot to call home.  Tartha was created out of desparation, and the need to establish a civilization crew even more apparent. As the lost citizens of Sith Space began to build their own home, discontent grew from underneath. Many thought the way Tartha was heading wasn't right, that the leadership needed to be removed and sent on their way, to what ever part of the Solar System they seemed neccessary. The leadership of Tartha set out for a neighboring planet and it would soon be colonized and formed into Sepros. As Sepros grew, the citizens saw that they made a mistake exiling their leaders. After a small ground skirmish, Tartha sought to form an alliance with Sepros. Following the old ways of their masters before them, the Assembly of Sadow was born, naming the Captial on Sepros.

Soon after the formation of the Assembly, technology sky rocketed, through a connection that remains shrouded in secrecy to this very day. The Assembly of Sadow is still learning the ways of space-time. Daedric Turelles, Grand Moff of the Alliance decreed that it was time to bunker as he saw that they were never getting back to their masters in Clan Naga Sadow, and their beloved Warthost.

Assembly of Sadow

As the power of the Assembly grew, the senate decided that it was time to establish a foot hold so that their citizens may grow in peace and prosperity.

More information to follow.

Intra-Alliance Agreements

Currently Classified. The Assembly stands in nuetural grounds.

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