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Black Hole Generator

Black Hole Generator

An experimental singularity lab engineered by the Great Race. Commonly called the BHG.


The black hole generator is said to do a lot of crazy mind bending stuff. With the power of a singularity, it changes the universe by multiplying it with an alternate universe:

action min. required level waste cost range description, comment base fail
Make Asteroid 10 50,000,000 15 * level random from type 1 to 25 40 - level
Make Planet 15 100,000,000 10 * level random type from 1 to 40 40 - (level - 15) * (25/15))
Increase Size 20 1,000,000,000 20 * level

planets: soft-caps at 70; hard-caps at 75

asteroids: soft-caps at 10; hard-caps at 20

40 - (level - 20) * 2
Change Type 25 10,000,000,000 10 * level type 1 to 40 65 - level
Swap Places 30 15,000,000,000 10 * level 40
Jump Zone 15 15,000,000 - 50 - level
Move System 30 30,000,000,000 8 * level not available from or to starterzones 60
  • Can be built on habitable planets but not on gas giants
  • Every singularity initiates a cool-down period that can be rushed for 2e
  • Each time it is used, you are messing with reality and the fates may be capricious in their response. Various side effects and misfirings may occur with each firing of the BHG; even succesful firings of the BHG can cause some side effect on another empire's planet. Most side effects cause a news item and an email to the planet that is directly affected.
  • You may subsidize the chance of success. The cost in E is determined by the chance of success.
  • The greater the level of the BHG the greater the chances of success and range are, and the shorter time it takes for the BHG to cool down.

Side Effects:

Side Effects can occur anywhere within the zone and happen when the BHG succeeds and the side effect chance comes up.  Side effects are more random and can be beneficial.

If a space station has enacted BHG Neutralization in it's controlled systems, side effects will not happen in those systems.

  • Increasing or Decreasing a random habitable planet by up to 2 plots.
  • Mass transmutation.  You may find decor placed, possibly up to 10 decor buildings.
  • Wormholes which can empty or fill various resources.
  • Fizzle, When this happens it just means the selected body by the server is not a valid target for the side effect selected by the server.  For example trying to turn an inhabited planet into an asteroid.
  • Cause a fissure to form on an uninhabited planet.

More about moving planets: You can move into an orbit that your species normally can't inhabit, but all food producers will still produce as normal. However, you may find yourself at negative plots which does impact your happiness production.

Failure Results:

Failure effects tend to be non-beneficial.  For example; while a side effect can wind up adding a few plot sizes to a planet, a failure will always subtract plot sizes if that effect happens.

  • Deformation of the planet with the Black Hole Generator.  Can reduce the planet size to a minimum of 30 plots.
  • Creating Antimatter.  The BHG blows up and damages about 50% of the buildings on the planet.  It leaves behind a Fissure equal to the level of the BHG.  The Network 19 message reads "Empire Name, finds a decimal point out of place".
  • An automatic failure happens if you try to create an asteroid out of an occupied planet, or create a planet from an asteroid that is being mined.
  • A Wormhole which will empty your resources.


The glyphs must be assembled in the following order.

 Kerogen, Beryl, Anthracite, and Monazite  


  • BHGs due to their multiple abilities can be used to customize empire growth and to be used offensively.
  • Can be used to jump a planet near to a target and attack with little to no warning.
  • Can jump into incomplete ROFs without members only colonization forcing the other planets to provide defensive coverage for your own.
  • Can be used to change habitable planets to types P11 or P12 after which you can setup supply chains with the ore and end up have 2 planets with all the ore types being available. Changing habitable planets to type P35 would result in 1 planet with all the ore types, but only half as much as either a P11 or P12.
  • Cannot be used to swap a non-allied planet. Only one's own planets or allies' planes may be swapped.


  • On the topic of BHG usage on a Gas Giant: "If you were allowed to build and operate an BHG on a GG, the resultant tidal forces would tear the planet apart and the BHG would have a high probability of either igniting the gases creating a secondary star or creating an intensive black hole where the small, controlled one used to be."
  • If a space station has the "Neutralize BHG" law in effect, all BHG functions of non-allied planets will be restricted, including jump zone and swap places.
  • If a BHG changes the size of a planet, it doesn't affect any of the buildings. It is possible to have a negative plot count due to a bad side effect which can severely have an effect on happiness generation.
  • A Pantheon of Hagness works as it always does.
  • Do not try to use the BHG to convert an inhabited planet to an asteroid or an asteroid with mining platforms to a planet.


Glyphs from the spliting of 5 BHG plans in the Dillon Forge provided clues on the recipe:

3 kerogen
4 beryl
4 anthracite
2 monazite


Keywords: blackhole glyph building Great Race Ruins

5Ysthane: "In the first known use of a BHG by a regular player, the planet Tylenol in the empire of Jazz reached 65 natural plots."
0Jazzeroki: "I've fired 3 level 30 BHGs now.  The first netted me a 65 plot planet.  The second reduced a planet to a 30 plot planet from 42.  The third firing blew up the BHG and left me a level 30 crater, and damaged half the buildings on my planet to random levels."
0Jazzeroki: "The latest firing of my BHG onto one of my distant planets for the first time produce a 61 plot planet from a 31 plot, and filled the waste storage of some poor empire."
0frobozz: "You'd need a high level ravine to be able to store the 30B waste required to move a system as a lvl 30 rift only stores around 19B waste. "
5ore swappers: "To get waste real fast, land a platform (GG or terraform) ship from a level 30 lab from the same planet as the BHG; start building the plan, but destroy the platform immediately. This generates a lot of waste fast for the cost of a cheap-ish ship and some clicks and is infinitely repeatable."
5: "Why not subsidize the BHG with Essentia?
No fissure, no danger."
2frobozz: "BHG side effects are minimized by the use of Essentia but not eliminated."
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