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Buildings are one of the three entity types (see also Ships, Spies) that are controlled by players. Compare wiki buildings category.

  • Buildings get placed per colony on one of the 121 spaces to enhance your empire's infrastructure and can have various effects on their local economy (resource production/storage) for example. 
  • Many of their numerical attributes scale with their level which ranges from 1 to 30 (1 to 31 for platforms and Pyramid Junk Sculpture).
  • Increasing a building's level is called Upgrading while decreasing it is called Downgrading. These processes consume resources and take time, though plans can be used to decrease the required time and to avoid resource costs.
  • Buildings can be demolished to free up space and plots.
  • Upgrading buildings unlocks more features and allows you to construct more building types (see Tech Tree).
  • University lvl + 1 is the limit for any other building's level of your empire.


  • Generally storage and production increases by a factor of 1.55 exponentially per level; accordingly the factor is 1.55 ^ (lvl - 1). For example a SAW building has a base waste production of 20 which grows to 20 * 1.55 ^ (30 - 1) = 6,616,819 at level 30.
  • Higher than storage and production, building upgrade costs grow by a factor of 1.75 exponentially per level. Though research affinity (1 to 7) affects these costs by a factor of (1 - Research Affinity * 0.05).
  • Note that repair cost does not use Research Affinity. So repairing a building at 0% would cost its level cost, but without the research discount. 

Building Upgrade Times (code fragment derived from

$base is base # seconds, found as time_to_build in each particular building file
my $unhappy = 0;
if ($happy < 0) { #Happiness of Body
  $unhappy = abs($happy)/1000;}
my $ma_m = (100 - $ma * 5)/100; #MA is Management Affinity
my $om_m = (100 - $om * 3)/100; #OM is Oversight Ministry Level
my $boost_m = $boost ? .75 : 1; #Boost is if E Building Boost is on
my $plan_m = $plan ? .75 : 1; # Are we building from a plan
my $inf = ($level * 2) -1; # Level is current building level
$inf = 1 if ($inf < 1);
return (((($level+1)/6) * $base * $inf**1.75) * $boost_m * ($ma_m + $unhappy/100) * $om_m * $plan_m);

Buildings on your planet can be rearranged via the API. This functionality has not yet been added into the webclient itself. However some other tools have been made available for this purpose. See Clients and Utilities for a list of alternative tools for this game.

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5ore swappers: " check out building stats straight out of the server source code. (or building names to help with your scripts)"
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