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Buried Statue

Buried Statue

The Buried Statue is believed to be a remnant of The Great Race in its early era which resembles a crowned person carrying a book. The first specimen was discovered on a conquered colony of Sābēn Demesne though prisoners confirmed that it was not their creation. Radiometric dating after probing its surface revealed an age of at least six million years. Furthermore its composition of chemical elements finds its best match in a remote galaxy that dissolved six million years ago. This data leads to the conjecture that a former galaxy called Via Lactea by its native dwellers was the origin of the mysterious technology that we find today as hidden artifacts scattered all across The Lacuna Expanse.

Due to its inexplicable attraction of living beings of all species, the Buried Statue increases population of your colony by 100k per level. Some people say this phenomenon may be due to a hypernatural sense of affiliation to our ancient ancestors which belonged to The Great Race. Furthermore it increases happiness production by 1% per level what makes it a very viable addition to a ship-launcher colony.

Burried Statue

You can construct the Buried Statue in the Archaeology Ministry by combining the following glyphs: Bauxite+Trona+Anthracite+Chromite. Afterwards the Buried Statue can be upgraded with Halls Of Vrbansk.

bauxite trona anthracite chromite

Mildly important note: Article composed by TRSS on April 1st, 2016.

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