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Central Defense League

Central Defense League

The Central Defense League (CDL) is an alliance of The Lacuna Expanse. It was founded 12/26/2013 by Armadura, who is also its leader. [flagged as non-existent alliance]

  • The aims of CDL are purely defensive in nature. Unauthorized offensive acts by alliance members are prohibited. These include ship attacks, spy missions, and the seizing of stars with inhabited planets. Mission Command misssions must be cleared in advance when they involve the sending of ships to other empires (or other potentially aggressive actions).
  • The policy of CDL is to concentrate members' colonies within a defensive perimeter. Thus membership is contingent upon eventual relocation of colonies to CDL controlled space. CDL members are also asked to make use of terraforming or Genetics Lab enhancements so that they may inhabit any orbital slot; this requirement is to facilitate the placement of members' colonies within our designated ring system.
  • A secondary goal of CDL is alliance growth in a planned and controlled manner. Alliance growth will always take a back seat to defensive strength.
  • CDL maintains its own website/forum to inform members of policies and member objectives; we also maintain a library of educational resources not available elsewhere. We have an active educational program and will mentor members over rough spots.
  • Recruiting will be opened periodically to fill our membership requirements. New member candidates should have a minimum University Level 10, and not be in conflict with other alliances or empires. New members should be willing to understand and abide by CDL policy and member objectives. 
  • If you have questions about membership, or any other aspect of CDL, please contact Armadura via in-game mail.

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