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Clients and Utilities

Clients and Utilities

NOTE: You should never use your regular password with an unofficial client or utility. Use the sitter password which you can set in the web client in the profile settings.

Official clients and utilities

  • Web Client (
  • iPhone Client (
  • Lacuna Alliance Starmap (

Unofficial clients and utilities

(clients/utilities marked in bold were recently tested and were found to be working)

name creator function link
Lacunawax Jonathan Barton aka tmtowtdi desktop client with GUI
Le Serf 1vasari browser-based automation toolset

Lemming Scripts Mark Lemming aka Lemming552 perl scripts that use the GLC library
Mission Editor utility to generate mission files (requires Adobe Air)
LacunaPHP wrapper for the Lacuna API written in PHP
USGN semi functioning local web-based tool
Games-Lacuna-Task Maroš Kollár aka Maros Perl automator
Flight Plan Calculator unknown. Server gives 404 error
Lacuna Pro Groxx Chrome extension (obsolete since 2011)
Games-Lacuna-Client Steffen Müller aka Tsee set of Perl utilities
Lacuna Express Jazz mobile client for Android
Gratch's Power UI Gratch Adobe Air client (obsolete since 2011)
Lacuna-Automation T. Alexander Popiel set of Perl utilities
Jazz Tools Jazz A stand alone window application
Jazz Command Console Jazz suit of command line tools for advanced empire management written in Java

Keywords: client tool utility web

5Earth Republic: "Gratch's Power UI and Jazz Tools are incredibly useful! Haven't tried the others, but I'm thinking about it! Great work, everyone!"
5RedOrion: "The iPhone Client is being worked on, any issues report them to me via creating a issue at"
41vasari: "Make sure you try out Le Serf. It runs in your browser and is very easy to use. :)"
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