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"Piloted defense ship that can stop enemy attacks before they reach your planet. Can also be sent to defend other bodies." in-game description

It works very much like a Drone, in that it sits in your SpacePort until it detects an incoming attack, and then it launches and destroys the attacker. However, it's better than a Drone in that it usually is not destroyed in the battle. See ship to ship combat for details.

You can build a Fighter after you've built a Pilot Training Facility.

After being used in combat a fighter goes into "reset".  If the fighter is defending the body where its controlling spaceport is located, the reset time is based on travelling 2 map units (flying into space and back). If the fighter is defending a remote body as reinforcements away from its controlling spaceport then it is sent home as its reset action.


Keywords: fighter pilot training facility ships

0: "CLARIFY paragraph 4:  When a fighter is defending a remote body, and its reset action is invoked, does it go back on patrol after flying to its shipyard and back, or fly to the shipyard and stay there? -- Zartroopen"
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