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Gratch's Gauntlet

Gratch's Gauntlet


"The anti-espionage system of the Great Race."

Slows down infiltration time by 1 hour plus 3 hours per level of the gauntlet (for a max of 91 hours). While spies are mired and spending time trying to find their way through the gauntlet, they cannot attack and are vulnerable to security sweeps. Because spies from allies don't "infiltrate", they are immune to Gratch's Gauntlet. A 0% efficiency Gratch's Gauntlet still adds the 1 hour to the 'standard' infiltration time of one hour, for a total infiltration time of 2 hours.

Plan crafting: You can build this at the archaeology ministry by combining chromite, bauxite, gold, and kerogen glyphs.

Keywords: Glyph building Great Race spies

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