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Halls of Vrbansk

Halls of Vrbansk

"The source of ancient wisdom." in-game description

Halls of Vrbansk plans can be built at the Archaeology Ministry using any of the following recipes.

  1. goethite, halite, gypsum, trona
  2. gold, anthracite, uraninite, bauxite
  3. kerogen, methane, sulfur, zircon
  4. monazite, fluorite, beryl, magnetite
  5. rutile, chromite, chalcopyrite, galena


Upgrading buildings with Halls Of Vrbansk is done by visiting the respective building and activating "Upgrade to Level X" where the amount of sacrificed plans equals X. The upgrade process usually takes 15 seconds, except for Waste buildings. Some permanent buildings like beaches, craters, grove of trees, etc cannot be upgraded with Halls plans since they "form naturally".

Note: You can only upgrade a glyph building to your University level +1. Buildings upgraded in this manner are also limited to level 30.

Appendix by TRSS: Calculating Number of Halls needed

  1. The amount of Halls Of Vrbansk needed to upgrade from a given level to the next level equals current lvl + 1. This means that you need 14 + 1 = 15 Halls to upgrade from level 14 to 15 for example.
  2. The cumulative amount of Halls Of Vrbansk needed to upgrade from level 1 to level 30 is based on a well-known formula for the triangular number. Simply calculate {[lvl * (lvl +1)]/2}-1 what gives 464 (formula contains -1 because upgrading from lvl 0 to lvl 1 is not done with Halls).
  3. The cumulative amount of Halls Of Vrbansk needed to upgrade from level X to level Y equals the difference between the triangular number -1 of Y and triangular number -1 of X. Exemplia gratia insert lvl 19 as Y and lvl 7 as X to get 162 as result.

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0avalanche: "for me upgrade process takes hours, not seconds"
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