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Intermediate Help Guide

Intermediate Help Guide

Author:  United Federation

Now that you have gotten your colonies started and you are starting to expand.  I thought we should go over some of the more advanced buildings and features of the game to further enhance your gameplay.


First things first you need to go through and start to get rid of some of your original buildings and upgrade them with better ones such as:

There are otheer buildings that you can get more efficiency by switching out but you get the idea by  the ones above.
Producing excavators will be a big help for the expansion of your empire.  It makes it where you can collect glyphs and use them to build glyph building plans.  In order to be able to produce excavators you need to have a level 11 Archaeology Ministry.   Click HERE to see additional information about the Arch Ministry.  Some people choose to send excavators manually but most do this through scripting.  Scripting used to be mandatory for large scale glyph production, this hass been changed however to make manual operation of excavators relatively easy. Scripting however is still possible to use in the game.
Scripting is not necessarily an easy thing to grasp but never fear...  Help is available.  You can refer to the Why Script section of the Help Center Home section to choose which installation you would like to do.   You can also choose the ActiveState Perl installation page at the top of the screen.   Scripting is done through the Perl programming language.  In some cases people are offering to run scripts for you.  Check with other members of your alliance and see if anyone in your alliance may be offering to run scripts for you.  If you need assistance, please mail United Federation in game and I will be glad to assist with installation and helping you setup scripts on your own computer.  
Whether it be from AIs or from other players.  You should start to get serious about your defenses.  Whether it by spies to protect your planets or building/buying ships to defend them. Youmust defend your  empire or someone can come in and damage or take over your planet one at a time.  There are many different ways and strategy directions you can go into at this point..  
Setting Up a Good Amount of Waste Storage 
Its always a good thing to level up Interdimentional Rifts and Ravines so they can store alot of waste just in case you get scowed (trash dumped on your planets) or a bleeder starts using your resources and turns everything to garbage.  The more waste storage you have the better.  As soon as your storage fills up then it will start affecting your happiness of the planet that is being attacked.  If your happiness goes negative and is negative enough then someone can use spies to try to take your planet from you.
Spy Defense
Your security ministry is a good building to upgrade to help the effectiveness of your spy defense.  When someone sends spies at you you wanna be able to stop whatever hostile acts they are trying against you. There is a bonus given to all spies defending on their planets which also helps.  Besides that, training your spies is a great idea to help avoid possible issues going forward.
Increase SAWs
SAWs or Shields Against Weopons are  your first line of defense against incoming ships.  Getting several on a planet or several on multiple planets (Ring of Fire) is the best way to go to make the SAW defense more effective.  Either way in this case, the more.. the better.
Increase Ships Protecting Each of your Planets
As you are  developing ships you start out with drones and weaker fighters.  At this point you should think about scuttling or selling those lower quality ships for higher ones.  Get some higher level fighters and sweepers.  I would suggest also having some scows at each planet.  If not to get rid of waste where you may otherwise not be able to, it can serve as insurance so if lots of waste is being dropped on you that you can try to get rid of some of it before it damages you too much.

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5aksarben: "Excavators are now available when your Archeology ministry is at Level 11 "
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