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Lacuna Expanse Strategy

Lacuna Expanse Strategy

[needs additions to be more instructive]

Buy, build and upgrade the following glyph buildings:

Upgrade the following buildings to Level 30:

Build and upgrade Genetics Lab to level 20why?. Research the following traits on prisoners:

  • Science.
  • Politics.
  • Growth.

Build and train (Intel, Mayhem, Politics, Theft ) 70 Spies.

Build the following ships(lacks explanation why these ship types are needed):

Please do the above things before attacking others, defend your empire and expanding your empirewhy?. Please take your time and don't rush things, your hard work and dedication will pay you in the end. Whatever you do, be kind and courteous to others, keeping in mind that children also play this game. This is a strategy game, it takes time to do things that you want to do, let things take their time, and go their due course, it will pay in the long run.

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