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Lost City of Tyleon

Lost City of Tyleon

An arcology (self contained city) built by the Great Race, but lost to time. Although it utilizes technology from the Great Race, it still requires plots to build. The central plot produces resources while the outer ones use them. The city provides all its own resources, happiness, storage, and waste management. The city exports a lot of resources and happiness along with some storage. The city consumes all of its waste and some additional waste.  

The city produces 6 different food types:

  • Syrup
  • Soup 
  • Burger
  • Pie
  • Chip
  • Shake 

Note: It is possible to upgrade a Lost City of Tyleon all the way to level 30, however it does take a lot of resources and even then you will need extra storage in order to do so unless you have the relevant affinities maxed.

Storage capacity: 

  • 20000 food + 4% per farming affinity point
  • 20000 ore + 4% per mining affinity point
  • 20000 energy + 4% per science affinity point
  • 20000 water + 4% per environmental affinity point
  • 20000 waste + 4% per environmental affinity point

Building the city:

Players can build the city by collecting all the plans via the Mission Command or by trading with other players through the Trade Ministry or Subspace Transporter.

The pieces of Tyleon in the Mission Command are limited to specific University levels.

  • A,B,C Level 30
  • D,E,F Level 20
  • G,H,I Level 10

The Lost City of Tyleon must be built in order. To construct the city you will need to first be in possesion of all 9 pieces, have nine plots available, and have a 3x3 square of spaces free. The production level of the city corresponds to the lowest level section. Unlike standard resource buildings, the city is not limited to level 15, nor is a stockpile required to get it above level 15. It's level cap is University +1, up to level 30.

Plan build order:



Note: If you attempt to move this building to another location on your planet the building must be moved in the proper arrangement.  Trying to rearrange the Lost City into an unintended arrangement will likely cause the request to fail.  Buildings on a planet can be moved via script or a tool like Jazz Tools for windows which can be found under Clients and Utilities.


  • Produces 6 types of second tier food.  It is the best source of this tier of food types which comes in handy especially when colonizing planets in orbits 1, and 7-8.
  • Produces resources in the equivalancy of 3/4 of glyph producers of the main resources food, ore, water, and Energy.
  • Has decent happiness production.
  • Has decent waste consumption.
  • Is not level limited like standard resource producing buildings.


  • Obtaining all nine pieces is difficult and usually requires trading with other empires.
  • Pieces of this building usually cost more essentia than most anything else in this game.  Some pieces will sell for as much as 99e.  The C plan alone via the Mission Command costs 100e.
  • Storage capacity of the Lost City is insufficient to be able to upgrade it by itself.
  • Costly to upgrade, this building has high resources costs to be able to upgrade it, so much to the point that it is difficult to upgrade this building to level 30 via normal means.

Lost City Missions

The Lost City of Tyleon was made available in game mid April 2011. Here's a list of missions containing parts of the Lost City of Tyleon:

Settlers, Max University: 10

Thanks to the generous help we received, we were able to survive our ordeal in the aftermath of the asteroid impact. But now we need to settle down somewhere, and start rebuilding. Could you help us again to survey the promising stars, so we may begin rebuilding as fast as possible?

  1. 10,000 magnetite
  2. 10,000 bauxite
  3. 10,000 gypsum
  4. Colony Ship (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  5. Send Scanner to (x,y).
  6. Send Scanner to (x,y).
Reward: Lost City of Tyleon (I) (1) plan
Tyleon Dig (part 2), Max University: 10
Success!   Your assistance in searching for the Lost City of Tyleon has gotten us past the first hurdle.  We've narrowed down our next digging site to a few systems.  Unfortunately, our bosses back at the Archaeology Ministry think this whole adventure is a lot of pie in the sky!  They've cut our funding and taken back most of our equipment.  We know we?re right!  We just can't prove it yet!  If only we had more funding to finish this latest dig.  We're sure we're on the verge of finding another another piece of the plan.  We can stall the ministry for only a couple of days.  Please help us out in our hour of need!
  1. 5,000 magnetite
  2. 20,000 energy
  3. 5,000 zircon
  4. 10,000 wheat
  5. 15,000 apple
  6. 5,000 chromite
  7. 20,000 water
  8. Barge (speed >=0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
Reward: Lost City of Tyleon (H) (1) plan
The Va’lox of Tyleon, Max University: 20

We are the K’halsiam and we will revive the Va’lox of Tyleon. The Va'lox were shimmering leviathans domesticated by the Ancients of Tyleon untold eons ago, responsible for maintaining the city’s pristine cleanliness. The creatures were enormous and bred to feed on anything - even the waste of a civilization, which they would convert into simple oxygen. The great lakes that surrounded Tyleon were kept filled with these noble beasts and for millenia equilibrium was maintained. Alas, these creatures became dependent upon their masters, and with the passing of the Great Race so too did the Va’lox go extinct. We are the K’halsiam, and we need your aid. We have identified five ancient species which we believe are either progenitors or descendants of the Va’lox. Their fossils are located on these five planets; send your great digging ships and rend the soil there so that we may collect the bones. Our arts are strong. With these bones and enough water and waste we can recreate the Va’lox and nurture them back into being. Help us, and we will provide you your own Va’lox hatchery. Who knows - perhaps the dream of Tyleon may yet live again... We are the K’halsiam, and we await.
  1. 1,000,000 waste
  2. 1,000,000 water
  3. Send Excavator to Oustra 8 (241,-225).
  4. Send Excavator to Klai Ooyesl Oufl 7 (886,-465).
  5. Send Excavator to Kli Bleetree Gow 5 (-373,-968).
  6. Send Excavator to Ead Shieschi Too 8 (874,274).
  7. Send Excavator to Roushith 2 (-188,45).
Add The Rainbow, Max University: 20

The nomadic ancient city builders of Tyleon are long forgotten, but the network of sacred city architecture they erected continues to pump geo-magnetheric influence out of the crust, on to the planets of the expanse. The Tyleon well knew something many modern empires in the expanse have long forgotten: one + one = two. This seemingly simple concept is somehow lost on mother nature. She likes to add in dribs and drabs; you almost never catch the woman working with whole numbers. Unless it's about sex, and even then, the results are more like one + one ≠ two, because you might break up, or you might have fourteen kids. Many of the great minds of the expanse have attempted to explain this stark difference between how reality works and how we try to understand it. Putting all the observations together into a workable theory one can use as a pickup line has proven incredibly difficult, and the secrets of math harmony have been ignored as a result. However, a trillion brains baking under the harsh light of innumerable panoplies of multicolored suns get madder than dogs and Englishmen interbred, and madness is the seed of brilliance. Maybe if your empire wastes all its greatest geomorphic discoveries in one act of mad-scientist like addition, they can be combines into something that is provably perfect and beautiful.
  1. Beeldeban Nest (>= 1) plan
  2. Geo Thermal Vent (>= 1) plan
  3. Halls of Vrbansk (>= 1) plan
  4. Halls of Vrbansk (>= 1) plan
  5. Lapis Forest (>= 1) plan
  6. Natural Spring (>= 1) plan
  7. Volcano (>= 1) plan
Reward: Lost City of Tyleon (F) (1) plan
Multiply The Rainbow, Max University: 20

The nomadic ancient city builders of Tyleon are long forgotten, but the network of sacred city architecture they erected continues to pump geo-magnetheric influence out of the crust, on to the planets of the expanse. Waste = food. This is the secret of the mystery of death. The Tyleon never recycled. This is because their science was perfect, and every object in their use was a manifestation of pure will, not some puny physical trinket tool to be cast aside after first use, never to be sought again, languishing for all eternity in the back of the garage until eventually being thrown out when you die. The Arcologies used to eat waste, in as much as the walls themselves acted as a respiratory, digestive and excretory system for the organism of the building. The walls literally ate crap and shat out ice cream, an they were all effectively cross-managed by a computer referred to only as the "Burroughs Large System." Recycling is not an effective way to run an arcology. You get way more out of it than you put into it. Thankfully, a temporary reality disruption has occurred, and you can get rid of some unneeded trash fast, by shoveling it into the hole. Just remember to think about what you're getting yourself into. If everybody beneath innumerable panoplies of multicolored suns begins pushing their trash into hyperspace, what happens when the frames between universes begin to break down? Who are you going to call?
  1. 50,000 waste
  2. Waste Energy Plant (>= 1) plan
  3. Waste Digester (>= 1) plan
  4. Waste Treatment Center (>= 1) plan
  5. Water Reclamation Facility (>= 1) plan
Tyleon Mega-Rift Deluxe, Max University: 20
TYLEON! You’ve heard of it? It was the best city in the universe! Ever! But it disappeared. Where? Where did it go. I don’t know! But! They did everything in Tyleon, everything. It was just one city, but it could produce all its own resources! Completely self-sufficient, no pollution, no unrest. All perfect. All of it! And! The most perfectly perfect of their many perfections: their STORAGE! Wahahahah, yes! They probably could have stored your whole little empire in that splendiferous vault! And *I* have reproduced their long-forgotten technique! So obvious that only a genius of my magnitude could have figured it out!! feeee-heeheeheheheeheheeeee!!! You see, it’s quite simple: all it is... is an Interdimensional Rift... INSIDE ANOTHER INTERDIMENSIONAL RIFT!!! Hohohohohoho!!! Brilliant!!! But! There’s some science involved if you want one of your own. I need something big and explosive to destabilize the rifts, plenty of chromite and magnetite to re-stabilize them during the confluxation, refined gypsum to make bonding plaster, and some of the FINEST CHEESE IN THE UNIVERSE. You know, for my mice. They get hungry turning all the wheels that power my laboratory. If you can provide all that in addition to the two rifts, I’d be glad to make your Tyleon-inspired Mega-Rift free of charge!! All I ask is that you ensure Network 19 spells my name right when they report the transaction. It’s W-A-L-L-Y. Not "Wacko" Wally or "Wally Crazypants", just WALLY. Ok?
  1. 500,000 magnetite
  2. 200,000 cheese
  3. 500,000 chromite
  4. gypsum glyph
  5. Detonator (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  6. Interdimensional Rift (>= 1) plan
  7. Interdimensional Rift (>= 1) plan
Tyleon Dig (part 3), Max University: 20
Congratulations! With your help, our latest discovery has prompted the Archaeology Ministry to fund our next dig. Unfortunately, now we have a new problem – pirates! These space-faring cut-throats will steal the thrusters off your ship just for the fun of it and loot a dig site faster than you can say Orion’s belt! If we don’t find a way to stop them all our efforts up to now will have been for nothing! We don’t have the firepower to go up against them directly yet. But we’ve got a plan. We’ll need some spy’s to help discover the pirate’s base. Of course, they won’t be able to do everything on looks alone. They’ll need some spending money and a few supplies to loosen tongues and grease palms. Please help us find out where those pirates are so we can stop them!
  1. 50,000 happiness.
  2. 20,000 gold
  3. Dory (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  4. Dory (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  5. Dory (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  6. Send Cargo Ship to Stoop (-176,-155).
  7. Send Spy Pod to Ionis 5 (115,75).
  8. Send Spy Pod to danegeld (-241,-232).
  9. Send Spy Pod to Gojjam (8,19).
The Tyleon Arboretum, Max University: 30

My friends, my Countrymen, I have seen it! I have seen it, though not with my own eyes. Last night I went on a journey; a journey through time and a journey through The Expanse, a journey from a place not far from here, and a journey to a place too long forgotten. My friends, I speak of the Tyleon Arboretum. We floated down to the edge of the magnificent city. There, a long glass cylinder lay on its side. Through a door on one end, and into the mythos we went, and I tell you now that all I had said about the splendor of Tyleon was but a scratch of the surface. The city, you know, is a self contained entity; seemingly much smaller than it is in reality. I would never have expected that the ancient architects of Tyleon could use the same technology within itself, yet there were the riches of an entire world, landscape and all, inside a building, inside a city. A Lost City. Many times, I know, you have heard my tales of the Lost City. Many times you have disbelieved, but today I bring you proof: Tyleon is real. At the end of my journey they showed me, showed me the source of their endless resources; they showed me how to fit a planet inside a bottle. Now, come; bring me the land, the trees, the lakes, the creatures all, even the sand and the lava. Come, and we will build the Tyleon Arboretum once again!
  1. 100 essentia.
  2. Algae Pond (>= 1) plan
  3. Beeldeban Nest (>= 1) plan
  4. Geo Thermal Vent (>= 1) plan
  5. Grove of Trees (>= 1) plan
  6. Lagoon (>= 1) plan
  7. Lake (>= 1) plan
  8. Lapis Forest (>= 1) plan
  9. Malcud Field (>= 1) plan
  10. Natural Spring (>= 1) plan
  11. Ravine (>= 1) plan
  12. Rocky Outcropping (>= 1) plan
  13. Patch of Sand (>= 1) plan
  14. Volcano (>= 1) plan
Reward: Lost City of Tyleon (C) (1) plan
Strange Delivery, Max University: 30

It's been many years since the professor disappeared. He left behind a collection of notes concerning a City of Tyleon. Apparently, it's a self contained city providing everything that one would want. I had forgotten about the notes, until this morning when I received a package. It was addressed to me, but the return address was my own as well. Postmarked ten years ago from when the professor disappeared. Inside were instructions on how to assemble a portion of the City. The requirements to me seemed odd, and the sending of the probes in a particular pattern didn't make much sense. The more I read the instructions, the more I was drawn in and the thoughts seem to take their own course. I don't know why the probes need to go to those particular stars or why each glyph needs to be set in a certain pattern with the various plans arranged just so. Great power would be needed to be channeled thru the construct, but the emanations from the selected stars would need to be keyed in properly. I feel compelled to finish this task.
  1. 25,000,000 energy
  2. anthracite glyph
  3. bauxite glyph
  4. beryl glyph
  5. chalcopyrite glyph
  6. chromite glyph
  7. fluorite glyph
  8. galena glyph
  9. goethite glyph
  10. gold glyph
  11. gypsum glyph
  12. halite glyph
  13. kerogen glyph
  14. magnetite glyph
  15. methane glyph
  16. monazite glyph
  17. rutile glyph
  18. sulfur glyph
  19. trona glyph
  20. uraninite glyph
  21. zircon glyph
  22. Send Probe to Eeth Ujiach Ack (-1212,192).
  23. Send Probe to Lyess (1234,1132).
  24. Send Probe to Ath Vloorve Iow (-379,120).
  25. Send Probe to Bien (-940,-595).
  26. Send Probe to Oull Endoequ (-903,-1090).
  27. Send Probe to Oj Ixyuith (207,1129).
  28. Algae Pond (>= 1) plan
  29. Amalgus Meadow (>= 1) plan
  30. Beeldeban Nest (>= 1) plan
  31. Citadel of Knope (>= 1) plan
  32. Crashed Ship Site (>= 1) plan
  33. Denton Brambles (>= 1) plan
  34. Gas Giant Settlement Platform (>= 1) plan
  35. Geo Thermal Vent (>= 1) plan
  36. Grove of Trees (>= 1) plan
  37. Halls of Vrbansk (>= 1) plan
  38. Halls of Vrbansk (>= 1) plan
  39. Interdimensional Rift (>= 1) plan
  40. Kalavian Ruins (>= 1) plan
  41. Lagoon (>= 1) plan
  42. Lapis Forest (>= 1) plan
  43. Library of Jith (>= 1) plan
  44. Malcud Field (>= 1) plan
  45. Natural Spring (>= 1) plan
  46. Oracle of Anid (>= 1) plan
  47. Pantheon of Hagness (>= 1) plan
  48. Ravine (>= 1) plan
  49. Temple of the Drajilites (>= 1) plan
  50. Terraforming Platform (>= 1) plan
  51. Volcano (>= 1) plan
Reward: Lost City of Tyleon (B) (1) plan
The Mortal Coil, Max University: 30

The path is clear and immortality is forever. In order to possess the power of Tyleon, you must be willing to part with your material wealth and your ambitions of domination. You show your willingness to give up your fleet, discard your possessions, and donate to charity that which you have earned. If you can do these things, then and only then will the ancient secrets of Tyleon be revealed to you. Your search has been long and difficult. You need only take this last step to reach your ultimate goal.
  1. 10 essentia.
  2. 50,000,000 happiness.
  3. anthracite glyph
  4. bauxite glyph
  5. beryl glyph
  6. chalcopyrite glyph
  7. chromite glyph
  8. fluorite glyph
  9. galena glyph
  10. goethite glyph
  11. gold glyph
  12. gypsum glyph
  13. halite glyph
  14. kerogen glyph
  15. magnetite glyph
  16. methane glyph
  17. monazite glyph
  18. rutile glyph
  19. sulfur glyph
  20. trona glyph
  21. uraninite glyph
  22. zircon glyph
  23. Bleeder (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  24. Observatory Seeker (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  25. Placebo V (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  26. Scow (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  27. Security Ministry Seeker (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  28. Snark III (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  29. Spaceport Seeker (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  30. Sweeper (speed >= 0, stealth >= 0, hold size >= 0, combat >= 0)
  31. Send Supply Pod IV to Kostolac (-1,-254).
  32. Send Supply Pod IV to Maldova (-228,258).
Reward: Lost City of Tyleon (A) (1) plan

Keywords: Great Race Ruins

3RainbowFire: "Can you downgrade your university to get the lower missions?"
3Tralala French: "No, and an upgraded university will immediately remove missions that are too low."
5RainbowFire: "If you want a mission back faster, don't skip it. For me, it usually comes back in less than a week. If you skip a mission you will have to wait 30 days before it comes back. For the LCoT missions, I don't skip them (Speaking of which I added most of them to this wiki)."
0ore swappers: "Lost city pieces by max university level:
level 10 pieces: gggghhhiii;  (one more G than logical!)
level 15 def;
level 20 dddeeefff;
level 30 abc; for a total of 25 missions."
0ore swappers: "A very high level tyleon costs a lot to repair... even if you'll supply chain in/glyph building produce all the ressources you need, a one-click-repair storage rift is an absolutely necessary!"
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