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Medals are earned for completing various tasks in the game.

The most commonly obtained medals are from the first time you build a particular item, mine or colonize a particular planet type, or build your first building of a new level.  There's also medals for all the glyphs and types of ships. And a medal for the date you started the game called "Meet the Lacunans"

There are some daily and weekly medals awarded for the best at a particular area of the game.

  • Best Spy In Game
  • Best Spy of the Week
  • Best Offensive Spy in the Game
  • Best Offensive Spy of the Week
  • Best Defensive Spy in the Game
  • Best Defensive Spy of the Week
  • Dirtiest Spy in the Game
  • Dirtiest Spy of the Week
  • Most Improved Spy of the Week
  • Fastest Growing Colony
  • Largest Colony
  • Best Attacker in the Game
  • Best Defender in the Game
  • Best Defender of the Week
  • Dirtiest Empire in the Game
  • Dirtiest Empire of the Week
  • Fastest Growing Empire
  • Largest Empire
There are also Tournament Medals
  • Won a Tournament
  • Won Four Trel Tournament
  • Won 20 Star Tournament
Appendix by TRSS
Over at the public repository on Github [], you can have a look at the mechanics which determine your chance to receive a medal.
For example 'dirtiest' gets calculated by as follows:
($spy->seeds_planted + $spy->spies_killed + $spy->spies_captured + $spy->spies_turned + $spy->things_destroyed + $spy->things_stolen)

Keywords: best dirtiest fastest largest medals most

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