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Plans are consumable items that let you construct or upgrade buildings without resource costs.

  • Plans are stored per colony in the Planetary Command Center and can be viewed in the "Plans" tab.
  • To construct buildings with plans, select a plot and visit "Build > Plan" within the Builder window to choose from available plans. To upgrade by plans, visit the target building and activate the "Upgrade to Level X" button.
  • Issue: Currently there is no way to choose to not consume an freely available plan.

Any plan provides a level with an extra level what divides them in two types:

  1. 1+X plans construct level 1 buildings and upgrade them by X levels (e.g. use an Algae Pond 1+14 plan to build a level 15 Algae Pond)
  2. X+0 (except for X=1) plans are used to upgrade level X-1 buildings to level X (e.g. use a Capitol level 15+0 plan to upgrade an existing level 14 Capitol to level 15)

As of Server 3.0885, building from a plan takes 75% of the time that an upgrade would usually take.

Ways to acquire Plans:


  • Level 1 plans can be used to build buildings which you might not otherwise be capable of building. One example of this is the SubSpace Transporter plan that is given away during the tutorial. A beginning empire is not normally capable of building this building until much later in the game.  Because of this fact level 1 plans for other popular buildings sell for high prices in the markets.

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