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Projects being Worked On

Projects being Worked On


This Page is intended to give notice of what the current projects are.

What this page won't have:

Bug fixes of specific items that are usually quick.

Projects that are still under discussion in development, though a note about them may appear as tenetative.

A timeline.  Best we can suggest is for people to look at: Changes on  to see when code is in good enough shape to be tested there.

I encourage people to have test accounts on test.

General Purpose development such as making non-scriptors more on par with scripting.  It's all ongoing but each area needs to be looked at.  Note: The API is open, meaning the Web Client uses the same interface that any of the scripters use.  The Web Client is available at: Lacuna Web Client

Since this page was initialized, the server code is open as well.  We are always willing to look at patches made by other players.  The repository is at: Lacuna Server Open

Projects in active development:

  • Replace ships with fleets (see FleetActions ) and allow fleet actions (changes to gameplay and UI). Includes ship repair and some other ship related improvements.
  • BHG changes allowing one to Jump zones and move an entire star system.
  • Space Stations can put out a field limiting BHG usage.

Projects in planning stages:

  • Space Station Modifications.  Enabling all promised functions; Ability to shut off some email, auto voting, etc...
Projects that are not yet in planning:
  • Trade requests.
  • Update to Tutorial.
  • AI Enhancements.
  • Missions need another look over.
Projects that have just been completed:
  • Various efficiency projects.
  • Starting planet locations and sizes being reviewed. Starting size of 45. Some starters were added, but we are still starting everyone in 0|0.
  • Neutral Zone is now enforced via coding. See wiki for details.
  • Voting sites reviewed for lottery links.
  • Spy changes.  Reduced number of actual spies in the expanse to a reasonable number.  Upcoming change immeninent will probably happen in the next week.  Spies will be reduced in number, best trained spies kept.  Further info: Spy Changes
  • Aggregate glyphs in database
  • Aggregate plans in database

Keywords: project development changes

5Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Good guy, my idea is finally on: 'Ship repair' !"
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