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Links to commonly used software, scripts and script samples.

Monty Lacuna - scripting how to with The Lacuna Expanse examples and instructions on how to install the needed software.

Lacuna Wax - a basic aid for The Lacuna Expanse ... on the left side you can either download the .zip file or clone to the desktop .. I suggest the clone as it will install Lacuna Wax for you.

Sample Script Examples - a basic introduction to some simple useful scripts and how to use them.

Scripting with Mac and Linux -

Strawberry Perl - how to use and where to get Starwberry perl


Active Perl Scripts in Windows - how to run active perl with The Lacuna Expanse

This is just the tip of the script pile .. if you have other links or some scripts you think others may like please feel free to add a link to them with a brief description of what the script does.

Keywords: scripts perl strawberry mac linux wax monty

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