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Ships are entities that are used for purposes of transport, offence, defence, reconnaissance, deception, and deployment into other entities, etc depending on their type.

Ships can be obtained from mission rewards, trades, and can be built at shipyards where their stats depend on the shipyard's level and on the level of other ship-related buildings like:

Built ships are stored in docks where each ship takes up one dock. There are several ways to make use of a ship depending on its type. This includes emission via the tabs Send/Fleet in Space Ports, Pushing/Trading as well as supply/waste chains in Trade Ministries. Some ships are one-use only while others can return after arrival at their target. 

The effectiveness of a ship is determined by its individual attributes:

  • Speed: star map units that can be travelled in 100 hours. Travel time equals speed / distance + 300 seconds
  • Berth Level: Minimum level of Spaceport on the same colony required to use this ship
  • Hold Size: Capacity for cargo
  • Max Occupants: Capacity for spies
  • Combat: Offensive/Defensive effectiveness (see Ship to Ship Combat)
  • Stealth: Makes it difficult to be identified on its way to a foreign colony

Calculations of ship attributes have quite a few variables:


  • Speed = Base speed * (1 + (CSS*5 + SY + PL*5 + PT*3 + SA*3)/100) [Exclude Pilot for robotic ships]
  • Hold Size = Base hold size* TA * TM * (1 + (CSS * 5 + SY)/100) [If TM is zero, use 0.1 as TM]
  • Combat = Base combat * (1 + (CSS*5 + SY + ML*5 + PT*3 + DA*3 + SA*3)/100) [Exclude Pilot for robotic ships)
  • Stealth = Base stealth * (1 + (CSS*5 + SY + CL*5 + PT*3 + DA*3)/100)
  • Time = Base time * base_reduction / 100

Time is calculated, but a few extra steps needed:
base_reduction = 100 - SY * 3 - MA * 5
If base_reduction < 1 then base_reduction = (1 - (1-base_cost_reduction)/30)
For a table of Base and Max Ship Values, see Ship Attributes. [SA needs updating]

See ship attributes for the base attributes of ships. The following affinities can also effect ship attributes:
  • Deception
  • Science [confirmation?]
  • Trade

Note: Travel time for ships is set to 60 days if greater (server 3.0912)

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