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Space Port

Space Port

The Space Port is the hangar and control tower for your ships. Here you can monitor your ships that are in transit, docked, or performing other tasks.

  • Highest level space port determines berth ability
  • Each level of a space port building creates two docks

Building-specific tabs:

  • Travelling: Reveals ships from the same colony
  • View: Shows owned ships
  • Foreign Orbiting: Shows fighters
  • Incoming: Reveals ships from other colonies (depends on stealth rating)
  • Battle Logs: Shows details about triggered defence
  • Send: Allows to send up to 1 ship at once*
  • Fleet: Allows to send up to 600 ships per type at once*

*target can be planet name, planet id, star name, star id, X,Y



Stealth details:

  • The Space Port can track incoming ships from other planets.
  • The Tracking Ability Index is equal to the highest level among all SpacePorts on the body.
  • If TAI x 450 is greater than the stealth rating of the ship, then it can track the ship all the way from its launch, and thus tell you where the ship is coming from and when will it arrive.
  • If TAI x 350 is greater than the stealth rating of the ship, then it can identify the model and ratings of the ship.
  • Diminished efficiency of the Space Port diminishes its ability to detect incoming ships, with an exact 1:1 reduction.

Keywords: Ship Buildings

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