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Spaces & Plots

Spaces & Plots

Every inhabitable body offers 11x11=121 spaces to build on but the number of plots restricts how many regular buildings can be placed. The plot count is determined by body size and is extended by a Pantheon of Hagness for up to 30 more plots.

Be aware that you need terraforming platforms to access plots on bodies that lie outside of your species' habitable orbit range. A Gas Giant Settlement Platform is required for colonization on any gas giants.

Note: Glyph buildings do not occupy plots so you can fill up a planet's spaces easily when using all resource-producing and -storing glyph buildings.

Negative Plots

  • Having a negative number of plots causes your planet to start producing unhappiness at a rate of 50x1.62^(Number of negative plots).
  • There is a maximum on the rate of negative happiness that is produced which is also effected by the amount of happiness that the planet has on hand.
  • Once the planet crosses into negative happiness the rate will cap at -10k per hour, but note that the production of unhappiness calculated is first calculated by deducting the cost of having negative plots from your happiness production, and then if it's over the max amount, capped to that.

Keywords: plot size space

0bilagaana: "New max size is soft cap of 70, with hard cap of 75."
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