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Spies are entities that can affect colonies and space stations in many different ways, be it for defensive or offensive purposes. Spies are created in Intelligence Ministries where their initial offensive and defensive potential is determined by the level of Espionage and Security Ministries on the same colony. Producing spies deducts resources and queues them up if multiple spies are to be created. Spies can be moved to other colonies with spy ships and spy pods.

Spies have four skills (values up to 2600) that determine success chances at various tasks:

  • Intel
  • Mayhem
  • Politics
  • Theft well as Offense and Defense values (up to 2600). Each assignment except for "idle" and "counter espionage" increases either the offensive or defensive mission count. Spies retire automatically after 150 offensive or 150 defensive missions but the retirement has to be triggered by a visited Intelligence Ministry. Therefore it is possible for spies to circumvent this mechanic simply by never accessing the Intelligence Ministry

Initial skill values are always 0 but can be increased by training if the appropriate building is present on the spies' current colony. This does not need to be their home colony but cannot be a hostile colony. Offense and Defense values get recalculated when the EspMin or SecMin upgrade if the spies are on their home planet. 

  • Initial Offense for a spy is (Current EspMin lvl * 75 + Deception Affinity * 50)
  • Initial Defense for a spy is (Current SecMin lvl * 75 + Deception Affinity * 50)
  • Spy Level is int(Offense + Defense + the four skill XP)/200

The assignments you can give to your spies are:

  • Idle - Waiting for orders.
  • Counter Espionage2 - Defend the planet your spy is on against all attackers.
  • Security Sweep2 - An active defense mission, that attempts to round up enemy agents on your planet. Security Sweep will first go after Infiltrating and spies that have just run missions.  If all enemy spies are Idle, your agent will try to capture any spies that have been idle for over a week, if none qualify, then the spy will run a report of spy activity on your planet.
  • Intel Training3 - If Intel Training Building, train in Intel XP.
  • Mayhem Training3 - If Mayhem Training Building, train in Mayhem XP.
  • Politics Training3 - If Politcs Training Building, train in Politics XP.
  • Theft Training3 - If Theft Training Building, train in Theft XP.
  • Bugout - Get home.  Spy finds transport pod to go home.
  • Gather Resource Intelligence - Reports back with whatever information is found about resource production, storage, trades, etc.
  • Gather Empire Intelligence - Reports back with whatever information is found about colonies, affiliations, stats, etc.
  • Gather Operative Intelligence - Reports back with whatever information is found about spies, assignments, prisoners, etc.
  • Hack Network 19 - Alter the planet's happiness by sending out false reports about the planet's government. And add cool messages to Network 19 while you're at it.
  • Sabotage Probes - Destroy, take control of, and send false data from probes.
  • Rescue comrades - Attempt to free prisoners from this planet.  This mission is also commonly used to help get your spies captured on an allied planet so that player can use the spies in the genelab.
  • Sabotage Resources - Destroy stored resources, mining platforms, ships, glyphs, plans, supply chain ships, or excavator sites from this planet.
  • Appropriate Resources - Steal ships carrying resources from this planet. This mission requires a transport ship is available to steal. The ship and the resources will become yours. You can also steal glyphs and plans this way. This mission is still capable of stealing things if transport ships are not available for example you can steal control of a probe from the Observatory.
  • Assassinate Operatives - Kill defensive spies on the planet. This mission requires that at least one spy is not on debrief.
  • Sabotage Infrastructure - Kill the efficiency of buildings.
  • Sabotage Defenses - Kill efficiency of defense buildings.
  • Sabotage BHG - Constant mission waiting if planet tries using BHG.
  • Incite Mutiny - Try to get defensive spies to join your cause.
  • Abduct Operatives - Capture a spy on a remote planet and bring him back to your planet. This mission requires that at least one spy is not on debrief and a ship.  Either a stealable transport, or an orbiting Spy Shuttle. Highly useful for experiments with the Genetics Lab, but is also useful for making money via the prisoner trade.
  • Incite Rebellion - Kill the happiness of the planet through rebellion.  This mission has two successful results.  Created a Disturbance, which will cause the target colony to lose a small amount of happiness, or the more rare Started a Rebellion which will cost the colony 10% of it's happiness.  (Always a cost)
  • Appropriate Technology1 - Steal buildings and plans from a planet.  Stolen plans will instantly arrive on the planet that controls the spy.  If a building was stolen the building will lose 1 level and you will get a plan at a random level from one to the spy's level (or if that exceeds the building level, then a plan at the building level).  A level 1 building cannot be stolen.  When there are no buildings left on a planet a mission report of "No building found" will be returned.
  • Incite Insurrection 1 - Steal an entire planet from another player. You must make the planet unhappy to steal it.
  • Political Propaganda 1used to boost happiness production beyond conventional means. Happiness boost (for happy planets) of a spy = [(me.defense + me.politics_xp)/250 + 0.5]% what equals 21% after rounding for a max level spy

1. You cannot run this mission against allies, on capitols, or against players who are more than 100 ranks below you in the empire stats. The mission will not be an option if this is the case.

2. This assignment may only be run on your own or allied planets.

3. This assignment may only be run on your own planets.

  • Isolationist empires can only run defensive missions
  • Spies from colonies in the neutral zone can only run defensive missions
  • Spies that are Killed in Action get removed automatically

The assignments that you cannot change are:

  • Training - Happens when you first train a spy.
  • Travelling - This spy is traveling to another planet.
  • Infiltrating - This spy is sneaking onto a planet. He can be swept.
  • Captured - This spy is in prison. You cannot burn a spy while he is in prison. Captured spies also may not be burned.
  • Debriefing - This spy defended against an attack.
  • Killed in Action - This spy has died and will be taken off the list soon.
  • Unconsious - This spy has been knocked out and will wake up in an Idle state.  While unconsious, the spy is immune to any other action.
  • Prisoner Transport - This captured spy is being transferred from one security ministry to another. All other restrictions to captured spies apply.
Spies sent to another colony in your empire remain under the control of the original colony that sent them. Empires in the Neutral Zone need to be careful.  
Trel can still attack planets in the Neutral zone, and if you land spies from a colony in the NZ, you will be attacked.

Keywords: assignment espionage intelligence ministry security Spies

0Dementia: "Who can you rescue with the rescue comrades mission?  Is it limited to your own spies, does it include allied spies, or does it include any and all prisoners on the planet?"
0Reavers: "If you get the "Ship Not There" message does not mean no ships are available for transport or just that time you could not find one?
To answer vegeta, simply what is says they will wake back up in time.
To answer Caprica yes in transport or could still be up for sale on the market."
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