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Starter Zones

Starter Zones

Starter zones are the four areas of the Expanse where the first colony of a non-referred empire can get spawned. The starter zones on US1 are zones 1|1, -1|1, 1|-1, and -1|-1.

  • Space Stations will not be allowed in them, nor can they seize any stars in them.
  • Empires can not have more than two colonies in any of those zones.
  • SAWs will not fire on ships headed toward uninhabited bodies in starter zones. They act as normal in regards to inhabited planets.
  • Exploding planets from Fissures do not affect inhabited planets within the starter zones.
  • It is the star's location that determines the zone of its orbiting bodies.

Zone boundaries are:

Zone X to X Y to Y
1|1 250 to 500 250 to 500
-1|1 -500 to -250 250 to 500
1|-1 250 to 500 -500 to -250
-1|-1 -500 to -250 -500 to -250

... as seen in the alliance map. Green areas are the starter zones and red spots are bodies controlled by neutral empires:

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0Garloo: "Once you break Isolationist status, you are no longer immune from attack (from AI's or other players) even in the starter zones."
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