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Supply Pod

Supply Pod

The Supply Pod is a ship that lands on the surface of your planet and acts as temporary storage. You can send 1 supply pod per day per planet to any inhabited planet. "Per day" means "per 24 hour period."



There are four levels of supply pods that can be built starting at level 10 of the Planetary Command Center. Supply Pods also have cargo hold, and will take some resources with them to the surface of the planet. However, be ready to use the supply pod when it arrives, because you'll only have that storage for 24 hours. Therefore, they are quite useful in helping to colonize new planets, and in rescuing comrades who have been snarked into oblivion.  The amount of storage the Supply Pod has depends on the level of the ship built.

Supply Pod 1 is equivalent to all four basic storage buildings at level 5.  You can build Supply Pod 1 once you have a level 10 PCC.

Supply Pod 2 is equivalent to all four basic storage buildings at level 10.  You can build Supply Pod 2 once you have a level 15 PCC.

Supply Pod 3 is equivalent to all four basic storage buildings at level 15.  You can build Supply Pod 3 once you have a level 20 PCC.

Supply Pod 4 is equivalent to all four basic storage buildings at level 20.  You can build Supply Pod 4 once you have a level 25 PCC.

Supply Pods deploy at a level equivelent to the storage building size.  For example a Supply Pod 4 deploys at level 20.  After the 24 hours, they blow up, leaving a crater of the same level.  (5,10,15, or 20).

Warning: An incoming supply pod needs a place to land.  If you have all 121 spaces on a planet filled, the supply pod will not deploy.  Instead, it will silenty go sulking into the sun.

A supply pod will use a plot, but you do not have to have available plots.  If at zero plots, you'll have -1 plots available after the supply pod deploys.  Note the difference between plots and spaces.

Supply Pods when sent currently do not deduct any resources from the sending colony, however, the supply pod will not carry more than what was available at the sending colony.

Hold size is determined by Trade Ministry Level and Trade Affinity.  That will determine the maximum amount of resources sent by the sending colony.  See Ship Attributes.


  • Supply Pods are also frequently used to provide resources to a Space Station and to increase maximum storage capacity of the station for up to 24 hours.
  • Supply Pods do not provide storage for waste.



Keywords: Storage Buildings Ships

0Tralala French: "If they ever did give significant happiness, now they don't (and don't lose happy if you demolish/downgrade them). Also the crater is only created when they timed out, there is not a level 20 crater under your supply pod waiting to see the light..."
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