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Trade Ministry

Trade Ministry

"Allows access to the interstellar market. Through it you can set up trades for resources with other empires. This building is a prerequisite to building cargo ships, which carry your trade goods, in the shipyard. The higher the building level the more resources your cargo ships can carry" in-game description

Features include Pushing, Trading, Supply Chains, Waste Chains which are available in the following tabs:

  1. Push allows you to move goods on one of your ships to another colonies of yours. You can decide whether the ship is supposed to return after arrival or to stay at the target colony. In latter case, the ship becomes property of the target colony and will not be indicated as Incoming but can be seen in the Travelling list. Eligible cargo: Resources, glyphs, plans, ships, prisoners.
  2. Trades shows active offers from remote colonies if you are in range of their local Trade Ministry. Accepting an offer will deduct Essentia from your account and make the cargo ship travel to your colony in order to deliver the offered goods.
  3. Add Trade publishes an offer to remote colonies within the ministry's range to accept your goods. Range is determined by lvl * 15 + 450 what equals 465 for a level 1 TM and 900 for a level 30 TM. The value for Asking Essentia must lie between 0.1 and 100 and can be incremented by 0.1. Offers that are not accepted after 72 hours seven days (as of 3.0912) get withdrawn automatically. Eligible cargo: Resources, glyph, plan, ship, prisoners.
  4. My Trades lists your active offers and allows you to withdraw them. The maximal amount of active offers per trade ministry equals its level.
  5. Supply Chains enables a constant flow of resources per hour to any of your colonies (except for itself). The maximal amount of active supply chains per trade ministry equals its level.
  6. Supply Ships allows you to add or remove eligible ships for supply chains.
  7. Waste Chain enables constant disposal of waste to your local star per hour. You can add or remove eligible scow ships. Tip: You can use supply chains to dispose of waste, too.

Upgrading your Trade Ministry also increases the hold size of your ships by multiplying it with <new Trading Ministry level> / <Trading Ministry level>, what includes Scows as well. Every new ship built at the shipyard on this planet will receive the increase. All ships affected by this increase will have a slightly increased cost to build.

It allows for the construction of the following ships at the shipyard:



Bug Note: Renamed ships with punctuation in their names might not allow you to post them in a trade. If this occurs just rename the ship removing the punctuation and the ship should be able to be added after that.

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