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Tutorial Guide

Tutorial Guide

Original Author: United Federation, Revision by TRSS

5/21/16 ? WF

This guide is for the built-in tutorial at the beginning of the game. It maps out all the tasks that are in the tutorial missions and what you have to do to accomplish the missions. Keep in mind that the guide is my own opinion of how to get through the tutorial fast and efficiently and are not the views of other players, staff, or owners of The Lacuna Expanse.

Something to note before you start your tutorial: Sometimes the game doesn't update the page showing that you have completed the mission. Meaning that even though you have completd the mission it may need to get refreshed before you get the mail for your next mission. And easy way to get it to update is to visit the Planetary Command Center. It refreshes the inbox and you should have new mail with your next mission.

If you forget what Task you are on, or what you're supposed to do next, send a mail to Lacuna Expanse Corp. That will trigger the mail system to send the tutorial mail with your current tutuorial task again.
  1. Rename your planet. Reward: A free building. Visit the Planetary Command Center and open the "Rename" tab. It will bring up a field which lets you submit a "New Planet Name" (hit "Rename" button to confirm).
  2. Build the free Malcud Fungus Farm. Reward: Free resources. Just click on a blank plot to open the "Builder" window and select food and build the Malcud Fungus Farm.
  3. Build a Water Purification Plant. Reward: Free resources. Click on a blank plot and select water and build a Water Purification Plant.
  4. Build a Geo Energy Plant. Reward: Free resources. Click on a blank plot, and select energy, and build a Geo Energy Plant.
  5. Build a Mine. Reward: Free resources. Click on a blank plot, and select ore, and build a Mine.
  6. Increase your ore, water, food, and energy production to 100+ per hour. Reward: Free resources. Now for this one you can do one of two things: You can build additional buildings of each that you have already place. Which is what I suggest. Or you can just upgrade the current buildings you have built by clicking on them and clicking the upgrade button. I suggest building additional ones because it produces more per level 1 building than it would to upgrade. Keep in mind that you can always demolish a building in the future. At this point you are wanting to get through the tutorial fast and efficiently. If you do this with the method I prefer it would take 4 Food Buildings, 3 Energy, 3 Water, and 3 Ore. Otherwise you can upgrade your buildings to do it with less spaces.
  7. Build a University. Reward: Free resources and a new building plan. Click on a plot, select Construction and build University. This building is perhaps one of your single most important buildings. How high you can upgrade your building is dependent on the level of your university. Keep in mind that your University is only required on one of your planets. So additional planets will not require a university and the highest level one is relevant.
  8. Build the Mission Command plan. Reward: Free resources. You can do this by going to your planet, clicking on a plot, selecting All Infrastructure, and selecting Mission Command. This building will have various missions you can complete to gain other resources/plans/ships.
  9. Build Ore Storage Tank, Food Reserve, Energy Reserve, and Water Storage Tanks. Reward: Free resources. You can do this by going to your planet, clicking on a plot, selecting Storage, and selecting a storage building. You need to build one of each type of storage to complete this mission. Personally later on I suggest adding a 2nd storage building for each category as you will need the extra storage atleast until you can get some advanced storage buildings.
  10. Build to 109 food per hour. Reward: A mystery present. (This is FREE Essentia) If you followed my suggestion above then you have several of each type of building. At this point you can just upgrade two your existing food structure buildings until you reach 109/hr food production.
  11. Spend some essentia to boost your production of water, energy, food, and ore. Reward: Free resources. Now be careful to save as much of this essentia as you can. To complete this mission click on the Essentia icon at the top center of the screen. Only boost 1 of each water, energy, food, and ore.
  12. Build energy to 236 per hour. Reward: Free upgrade for Energy Reserve. As before I suggest just upgrading your energy buildings until you reach 236.
  13. Build more water and ore production. Reward: Free upgrades for water and ore storage. First before you build more water and ore production. Go ahead and build a Development Ministry. This building at level 1 will allow you to build up to 2 buildings at a time (upgrading Development Ministry will allow you to build/upgrade more buildings in a que at a time).
  14. Build a Network 19 Affiliate. Reward: Free resources. Before you can build a Network 19 Affiliate, you will have to uprgade your University to level 2. Then after its done you can click on an empty plot, click infrastructure, and look for Network 19 and click build.
  15. Update your description. Reward: Free resources. Click on the Main Menu bar at the wop left where it has 3 bars and your Empire Name Down close to the bottom of the menu you will see Options. Click on Options and click it. In the screen that pops up just enter a New Description.
  16. Build a Space Port. Reward: Free resources. Before you can build the spaceport you need a Level 3 University. Go ahead and upgrade it now. You will get a mail about pollution causing outrage. Do not worry about this as since this is your home colony, you cannot go below 0 on happiness. You can then build your spaceport. You do this by clicking on an empty plot, selecting Ships, and selecting Spaceport and build.
  17. Build a Shipyard. Reward: Free resources. Click on an empty plot, click on ships, and select Shipyard to build. Build the Intelligence Ministry. Reward: A free upgrade for the Intelligence Ministry, plus a spy. Click on an empty plot, click on Intelligence, and click on Intelligence Ministry to build.
  18. Train another spy and assign them duties. Reward: Free resources. First for this one you have to upgrade your Intelligence Ministry to level 2; however, you may not have enough resources producing per hour to accomplish this task so upgrade your resources as needed. (If you cannot upgrade it will have the number in red of the resources that you lack per hour to be able to build the building). After your resources are upgraded and your Intel Ministry is upgraded to level 2. You first should train your second spy. Click on your Intel Ministry and click on the Train Spies tab. If it doesnt have an option for you to train another one its probably because you need to refresh your screen. You can easily do so by clicking on another building then exiting or going to the galaxy view and going back to planet view. According to what species affinities you selected when you started, you will have various wait times in order for the spies to be trained. While you are waiting, go ahead and upgrade some of your resource buildings. After the timer has run out at the bottom of your intel ministry then your spies are trained and ready for assignments. Click on the Intel Ministry and then click on the third tab spies. Click on the pull down menu for each spy and set them to counter intelligence and then click on the assign button. You may have a captcha come up so just solve it to continue.
  19. This is a good point to pause doing the tutorial and to get yourself a Starter Pack on the Trade Ministry (aka TM) or the SubSpace Transporter (aka SST).
  20. Build an Observatory. Reward: A probe. Click on a blank plot then click infrastructure, and select to build Observatory.
  21. Explore another star system. Reward: Something special. After completing your last task you were given a probe to explore another system with. Now click on your To The Starmap icon on the left in the Top Center Bar. You will see your star system with planets around it and other stars but that have nothing but the star. You should click on another star and it will bring up a menu. It should only have 1 ship, the probe that you just received in the list. Click Send beside the Probe. Notice before you do what the travel time is for it to reach the new star system. After sending the probe. If you would like to see the timer on how long it will get there now, click on the star you send the probe to. Then click on the incoming tab. It should show the probe as incoming that you just dispatched. While you are waiting on this probe to arrive, go back to your planet and upgrade more of your resource buildings.
  22. Build Your SubSpace Transporter. You may have to upgrade more resource buildings if you havn't done so already to be able to build this building. Please keep in mind that if the building is not showing in the list after you click on a plot and which category you wish.. that you can change the "Now" drop down menu in the upper right hand corner to say "Later" and it will tell you what it needs to be able to build the building.

Subspace Supply Depot or SSD. You are now complete with the tutorial but you should be getting one more mail that is VERY important. It should be details on you receiving a Subspace Supply Depot or SSD. It is a wonderful building and you should see it on your planet now with a timer at the bottom. Use this as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less useful it is. With the SSD you can get resources or use it to complete your build ques. I suggest upgrading your development ministry to level 4 or 5 so you can que several things and use it to finish build ques. Click on the SSD and click on the Transmit Resources Tab. This will show you your options.

This is the conclusion of the Tutorial Guide, please click HERE to go to the New Player Help Guide for additional assistance.

Welcome to The Lacuna Expanse!

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5ore swappers: "P.S.: if you finish the tutorial later, you can win your end of tutorial SSD on whichever world is your capitol (which defaults to homeworld. build the capitol building to level 1 to change it). This may even be a good intentional strategy if you are going to stay level 10 university a long while to get more city pieces, and going to win your SSD at your tyleon spot to give it some lightning fast level ups... (much better than the homeworld which most people don't keep anyhow). approx 30 million of each (more if possible) recommended to not run out of ressources while leveling up your tyleon 5 days in a very short time...    Also, using a SSD plan (from events or holidays) may or may not ruin your chance to get an end of tutorial SSD."
2ore swappers: "SSDs are better used with low level buildings; with high level buildings, it barely saves 12 to 20E of 'regular speedup'."
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