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Galactic Trade Report

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Galactic Trade Report
User: The Atlantian Empire
Date: 5/24/2012 4:25 pm
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[Galactic Trading Center Report for 5/24/12]

RESOURCES- According to recent trade activity it would appear that millions of resources are being sold at the cool price of .1 E. According to market values this has almost no fluctuation in price. In zone 0/0 however it would appear that 0088 is trying to break this economic downturn by offereing millions of resources for 2 E along with various plans. It also appears Swampona is close on his heels with prices of .5 E for 2-5 million resources.

PLANS- It appears that with plans for a set of level 1 plans a person can negotiate a price of 1-3 E although Sweet Diapers appears to be trying to undercut the competiton with his prices of .5 E for a set of level one plans. Klavian ruin plans and crashed ship plans appear to be in high demand still going for 2 E a peice. As for higher priced plans it seems that Halls are now going for 2 E a peice and the Lost City pllans are still at the 40-70 E price range. The all elusive Black Hole Generators are still going for 3 E about. 

SHIPS- According to current trades and financial reports it would appear that the shipping sector has been dominated by the 0088 and Vietnam empires. Recently, however, the empire of Winston has jumped into the game and if rumors prove to be accurate, can now produce max sweepers and other warships.

GLYPHS- As always the glyph market is booming. No one has a monopoly on it and the prices for various ammounts of glyphs range anywehere from the cheap .5 E apeice  to the redicuous 4 E a peice. It looks like we will have to wait a few days bfore things even out enough to judge prices. One unlikely canidate that has joined the selling fray is the DeL with over 20 current trades on the market. This financial analyst sure hopes that their iso spree will end soon so that the Expanse will be free from them!