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Suggestion Uni lvl 26, 28, 30

General Discussion

Suggestion Uni lvl 26, 28, 30
User: Shinar
Date: 4/16/2012 8:10 am
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Just noting how these leves do not gain any buildings or extras.  Might be a good idea to add one of the following somewhere in for these levels

Uni lvl 28 or 30

Allow a 3rd Waste Exchanger to be built.


Allows a "Matter Transformer" to be built.  Consumes waste and turns it into ONE type of resource.  Must have a good return rate while active to be worth it, comparable to waste exchanger at least, just focused on one resource at a time.  The resource produced can be switched every... 24 hours... ?

uni lvl 26 or 28

A different ship or even something else.  Wondered if livestock would be a feasible planet commodity, having a building to house them and produce them.  Consumes particular foods, and produces a new food type.

Or you could have... now heres an idea thats fun.. instead of the livestock, have unique creatures you can genetically manipulate.  Thatd take more work I know... but itd be quite entertaining, like a mini game within the game.  Create your own critter, buy others, trade to keep or splice their genetic codes.  Or just trade the critter genetic recipies... etc.

Re: Suggestion Uni lvl 26, 28, 30
User: lemming
Date: 4/16/2012 2:23 pm
Views: 61
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Hmm.  Opening up a third tier 2 building if your Uni is 30 sounds like a possibility.

Have to run some numbers since right now, most of the tier 2 buildings aren't really worth it if you have a uni of 30.

Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!

Re: Suggestion Uni lvl 26, 28, 30
User: 2112
Date: 4/21/2012 11:44 pm
Views: 122
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Hello All,

What about letting this be the glyph heresy ability?

Allow me to clarify please.

You take your University up to level 27 and you can upgrade your resource producers to level 26. Uni 28 = Resources 27, etc. Maybe even a University level of 31 is possible? allowing level 30 buildings. However, if this is done no glyph buildings at all. The only affect this would have on empires with glyph buildings is they cannot upgrade their regular resource producers up to level 26, or greater

and since Glyph Hersey should have some advantages? maybe waste production empire wide takes a 25% reduction at Uni level 29, a 50% reduction at level 30, and a 75% reduction at level 31? or possibly a virtual stat increase? i.e. a level 31 Uni under glyph hersey would give the ability (in production only) to cause a non-real stat shift upgrade in a given area. i.e. say your farming is "6," it will behave like it is actually "7." Althought this is NOT an actual stat you possess, so it could not be stripped via a genelab.

I will not say I have looked at the production numbers, so I do not know if this is even a feasible thought at all?


-We are the 2112.