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Mission Packs for Essentia


Mission Packs for Essentia
User: JT
Date: 11/20/2010 3:06 pm
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Looking for some easy Essentia? Why not try your hand at writing some missions that will appear in the Mission Command building in the game. You help us make a better game, and we give you Essentia to use in the game. 

What You Get

  • 100 essentia for each mission pack you submit.
  • You may edit existing missions, but there is no reward for that.


What You Have To Do

  1. To get started download the mission editor.
  2. Create 10 or more mission files.
  3. Put all your mission files into a zip file (this is called a mission pack).
  4. Name your zip file as your in-game Empire name.
  5. Create a post in the mission forum and attach your mission pack to it.


Are There Any Guidelines

  • Using essentia as rewards is frowned upon. Essentia is how we make our money and without some money coming in, there is no game.
  • The reward should be 20% to 50% more valuable than the objective for trade missions. For example, if a ship costs 50,000 resources, and that is the objective, then the reward should be worth 55,000 to 75,000 resources. 
    • 1 resource is worth 1 resource
      • Processed foods can have some additional value since they are a bit harder to come by. In practical terms they are worth the same as any other resource, because they spend the same as any other resource, but in mental terms, people will see them as more valuable.
      • Waste is a resource and is valuable in that you can convert it into a resource that can be spent. That said, it does require processing to be used, and therefore can be treated as less valuable than other resources.
      • Some ores are more scarce in some regions of space than others. Therefore they will be perceived as more valuable than others. Likewise some ores have more uses than others. Regardless, all ore should be treated equally with each other, and with other resources.
    • 1 ship is worth the resources it costs to build it
    • 1 glyph is worth 100,000 to 250,000 resources
    • 1 plan is worth whatever resources it would cost to build that building or level normally
  • For fleet movement missions, be judicious in your creation of missions that require attacking other players.
  • Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your missions.
  • Make sure that your missions are able to be completed under normal circumstances. 
    • If you require a fighter as part of the mission, and you set the max university level so low that the person cannot build a pilot training facility, then your mission cannot be completed by most people.
    • If you include a ship as an objective, set it's stats to 0 across the board unless your mission requires a fast ship or a big ship or a stealthy ship. 
    • If you include a plan as an objective, set it's level to one. Also, don't ask for more than one plan. 



Good luck. Have fun. Be creative.