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Re: Tyleon entry


Tyleon entry
User: Garloo
Date: 3/11/2011 4:22 pm
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Empire: Garloo

(My entry for the Lost City of Tyleon; first three missions)

In eons past, the first ones, whom we know today as the Great Race, ruled the galaxy.   What little remains of them only hints at their once mighty civilization.  Yet amoungst all the Great Race ruins, one technology, only spoken of in legands, has remained hidden from us.   Until now…

The Lost City of Tyleon, the crown jewel of the Great Race’s technological prowess, has shown itself to be more than legend.  And at last has become accessable to those who have the courage and skill to search for it. 

Your task is to follow the clues to this ancient mystery and find the 9 plans that will enable you to build the The Lost City of Tyleon and thus wield its power.   Your quest will not be an easy one, but this great reward will only come to those willing to risk much.

Mission 1:

While on a routine archaeological dig on Tannis 3, our survey team has has made an astounding discovery.  What we once thought to be legend only, The Lost City of Tyleon, has shown itself to be real.  The ancient records make clear that this marvel of the Great Race is by no means an easy technology to master.   Many of the details as to its construction are absent.   It seems that the Great Ones split the plans into 9 parts so that the technology would be accessable only to a truly advanced society.  The records offer us a clue to follow, a clue that will lead us to the first of 9 plans for the Lost City of Tyleon.   We need to search the nearby systems for the first plan.  Please help us out by probing these 9 systems. 

Mission objective: deploy 9 probes  to the following systems. 

  • Send probes  to planet A(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet B(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet C(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet D(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet E(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet F(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet G(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet H(xxx,yyy)
  • Send probes  to planet I(xxx,yyy)

Mission reward: plan 1

Mission 2:

Success!   Your assistance in searching for the Lost City of Tyleon has gotten us past the first hurdle.  We’ve narrowed down our next digging site to a few systems.  Unfortunately, our bosses back at the Archaeology Ministry think this whole adventure is a lot of pie in the sky!  They’ve cut our funding and taken back most of our equipment.  We know we’re right!  We just can’t prove it yet!  If only we had more funding to finish this latest dig.  We’re sure we’re on the verge of finding another another piece of the plan.  We can stall the ministry for only a couple of days.  Please help us out in our hour of need! 

Mission objective:   

  • Send scanner to planet A(xxx,yyy)
  • Send scanner to planet B(xxx,yyy)
  • Send scanner to planet C(xxx,yyy)
  • Send scanner to planet C(xxx,yyy)
  • 15000 apple
  • 10000 wheat
  • 5000 magnetite
  • 5000 zircon
  • 5000 chromite
  • 20000 water
  • 20000 energy
  • Barge (speed >=1000, stealth: 0, hold size: 0, combat: 0)

Mission reward: plan 2

Mission 3:

Congratulations!   With your help, our latest discovery has prompted the Archaeology Ministry to fund our next dig.  Unfortunately, now we have a new problem – pirates!  These space-faring cut-throats will steal the thrusters off your ship just for the fun of it and loot a dig site faster than you can say Orion’s belt!   If we don’t find a way to stop them all our efforts up to now will have been for nothing!   We don’t have the firepower to go up against them directly yet.   But we’ve got a plan.  We’ll need some spy’s to help discover the pirate’s base.  Of course, they won’t be able to do everything on looks alone.  They’ll need some spending money and a few supplies to loosen tongues and grease palms.  Please help us find out where those pirates are so we can stop them!

Mission objective:

  • Send Spy Pod with spy to system planet A(xxx,yyy)
  • Send Spy Pod with spy to system planet B(xxx,yyy)
  • Send Spy Pod with spy to system planet C(xxx,yyy)
  • Send spy via Cargo Ship to planet D(xxx,yyy)
  • 20000 gold
  • Dory (speed >=1000, stealth: 0, hold size: 0, combat: 0)
  • Dory (speed >=1000, stealth: 0, hold size: 0, combat: 0)
  • Dory (speed >=1000, stealth: 0, hold size: 0, combat: 0)
  • 50000 happiness

Mission reward: plan 3

Re: Tyleon entry
User: lemming
Date: 3/12/2011 2:42 pm
Views: 25
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Based on text only, it's a start.  Any reason for not using the Mission Editor?

Every missions needs:

  • Name: Max 30 chars
  • Net19 Headline: Max 140 chars, punctuation required.
  • Net19 Completion:  Max 140 chars, punctuation required.  Use a %s to denote empire completing the mission.
  • Description: Minimum of 100 chars with punctuation.


I attached your missions zipped up.  You'll note I dropped the speed requirement for both ships, since minimum speeds for those ships is higher than what you posted.

I only set the probes to any star within zone, though your choices are specific color and any.  And if you want the probes targetted outside the mission zone.


Sending cargo ships to a planet is possible.  You can't be assured you'll be sending a spy, but it's the only way without interacting with the player at the target planet.  (You could set up a trade)


Lemmings in Spaaaacccce!

Re: Tyleon entry
User: Garloo
Date: 3/12/2011 8:37 pm
Views: 46
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Basically, I'm not that computer literate.   Rather than not participating at all, thought I'd offer an entry as best I could.  I'm afraid I don't have the time right now to work on my entry.  For better or worse, it'll have to make do as is.  Appreciate your help tidying things up a bit and for the clarification regarding missions!