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Re: BHG mobility expanded and much more.


BHG mobility expanded and much more.
User: lemming
Date: 11/23/2012 3:02 pm
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  • Mod: Observatory can only abandon a probe it controls.
  • Add: New Observatory abandon_all_probes API method.
  • Add: view_all_spies API Methods added.
  • Add: spy status includes based_from data.
  • Mod: Paging for spies increased to 30 per page.
  • Fix: send_spies validates better.
  • Mod: Even less reporting on archeologists.
  • Mod: Captcha not needed for sending spies to your own planets.
  • Fix: Happiness initialized to zero on new colonies.
  • Add: BHG can now jump a body to a different zone.
  • Add: BHG can exchange an entire system of bodies with another system.
  • Add: Every occupied body that gets moved by a BHG generates an email.
  • Add: BHG calibrated to be able to change asteroid types.
  • Mod: "Stop Excavator Replace Alert" now also stops Excavator Deployed Alert.
  • Fix: Updated resources.json
  • Add: BHG can be neutralized in certain areas.
  • Add: Space Stations can emit a field to neutralize BHGs.
  • Mod: Assembly of glyphs can make up to 5000 at a time.

Known Issues:
  1. BHG UI problems with displaying some tasks that are invalid. Still can't use them, but they shouldn't be shown. This is being addressed.
  2. Email that alerts of body movement gives the starting star instead of the destination star.
Thanks to fireartist, Ysthane, and Winton-Akagane for contributing to this release.
Re: BHG mobility expanded and much more.
User: lemming
Date: 11/23/2012 4:30 pm
Views: 102
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The BHG UI problem means for some targets, you'll get some odd results returned showing Distance at -1 for invalid targets.

The fix for this is in development currently, but there were some important bug fixes to take care of in this release, so we didn't wait.

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