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Re: Holiday Essentia Giveaway


Holiday Essentia Giveaway
User: United Federation
Date: 11/13/2012 3:12 pm
Views: 417
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Giveaway Period:  November 13th through December 31, 2012

Its Holiday Time again folks!   This Holiday Season we would like to spread good tidings to all members of the expanse.  It is your input and sense of community that makes this game great.  To that extent, for the rest of the year there will be daily giveaways of Essentia.   So the more you play and chat in the chatrooms, the more Free Essentia you can earn.   There are no limits to how much you can win during the Holidays!

You can receive Essentia from many of the following actions within the game:  Just being online, Helping a new player in chat, chatting in general chat, voting in the lottery, responding to posts in the forums, and more.    So you earn extra for what you are already doing on a daily basis.  Essentia giveaways may vary amounts given out (5-10 Essentia) at a time.

Other ways to earn Essentia free can be obtained through new player guides and player made WIKIs.   Click HERE to go to New Player Quicklinks


Admin Team - The Lacuna Expanse

PS...  You Can't Win If You are Not Online and Chatting Wink


Please respond to this message thread with suggestions on future contests here in the expanse.   If your contest idea is chosen, you will receive an Essentia reward.

Re: Holiday Essentia Giveaway
Lisvenachux Roytulin
User: Lisvenachux Roytulin
Date: 11/23/2012 4:35 am
Views: 37
Rating: 0

I am glad to have some Essentia just to follow my game progress closely. But can I know exactly how the Essentia is counted for each activity? And, will logging in through the iPhone client be counted as well?

I might also purchase some Essentia, but will there be some discounts in the near future?

Re: Holiday Essentia Giveaway
User: United Federation
Date: 11/25/2012 3:48 pm
Views: 118
Rating: 0

Actually it is random.   I will be monitoring activities and chatrooms and randomly giving out Essentia based upon those criteria I put above.

As far as you being on the Cell Phone Client.  It will not make a difference as long as you are still online and participating in chat.

You will be notified immediately within chat/game mail that you have received an Essentia award as part of the Holiday Giveaway.

The Holiday Giveaway winners receive 10 Essentia at a time chosen for a random giveaway.

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