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You probably want to start with the getting started guide. However, if you're impatient you can create an empire through either the iPhone client or web client to get started playing right now.

Here you also can learn more about the buildings, ships, alliances, medals, stats, resources, and other elements that make up The Lacuna Expanse.



Buildings (195)
Resources (15)
Ships (38)
Spies (24)
Strategy Guides (5)

Featured Article: Game Administrators or Admins

There are currently 4 active game administrators of The Lacuna Expanse.  

Please note:  Game Admins, please edit and give yourself your own description :)

Players:   When contacting a game admin via mail, please send all mail to their admin names below and not to their player accounts.  Sometimes there is large amounts of mail in player accounts and mail can be easily lost.  Sending mail to admin accounts makes it much easier to be responded to. There are certain areas that some admins are more specialized at than others.

Game administrators are to enforce Game Rules and Terms of Service Policies to the best of their abilities.  Game administrators; however, will also be one of the first to help out with a problem or issue within the game if requested. 


Admin account: icd

Empire: icydee

Head Administrator

Admin account: Sweden

Empire: Norway

Programming Administrator

Admin account: TheKi

Empire: Jazz

Player-side Administractor

Admin account: United

Empire: United Federation (abbr. UF)

Player-side Administrator

UF has a player help site with information about TLE, which can be found here.

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