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Each player is allowed to have 1 account.  Having more than 1 account is a violation of Rule #6  and is cheating and will be dealt with by the game admins with a punishement depending on the severity of the violation.  

Password/Sitter Password:

Each account has two potential passwords.  The main password is best only used with the official game clients.  Only the main password can be used to Self Destruct an account.

The Sitter Password allows access to almost everything on an account with the exception of Self Destruct.  It's purpose is to allow players to do things on your behalf such as running scripts or other tools.  Or to use to manage your account while you may be away for an extended period.


You account will remain active for 20 days past your last login.  After which point the game will start to consume 1 Essentia per day past that.  After you run out of Essentia your acount will be deleted.  If this amount of time is insufficient for your needs you should make use of the sitter password and ask another player to login for you on a regular basis.  This will reset the 20 day timer.

Lost Password:

Should you happen to lose your password there is a password recovery option available.  However you will need to have provided an email address for the recovery message to be sent to.

Self Destruct:

Should you decide that you no longer need your account you can Self Destruct your account.  Activating Self Destruct will start a 24 hour timer in which you will have an opportunity to disable the Self Destruct before your account is destroyed.  After the Self Destruct has completed you will recieve an email if you have any essentia remaining with a code that can be used to redeem your remaining essentia on another account.  This code can be given to another player or may be used by you when restarting the game.  Please note any abuse of this system will be dealt with harshly.

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