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Appropriate Resources

Appropriate Resources

This mission allows you to steal 1 plan from storage on a planet or to steal 1 level from a building on the planet.  In either case a success will give you 1 building plan should one be available.  If there are no plans in storage and your spy attempts to steal a plan from there you will get a notice regarding no plans available.

If you spy attempts to steal a building level as long as there is a building with a level greater than 1 you will get a plan from that building and the building on the target planet will lose one level.  The plan returned by this however can not be greater than the level of your spy, and the level of the building.  So if a level 1 spy succeeds in such a theft you will get a level 1 plan even if the level that the building lost was level 30.  A level 0 spy for this purpose will act as a level 1 spy.

Playing Tips:  This assignment is very commonly used especially against the AI's.  It allows the theft of multiple potentialy high level upgrade plans.  The most prized of the plans being upgrades for glyph buildings.  This tactic is refered to as Stripping.  A planet is considered stripped if there is no building left on a planet greater than level 1.

Keywords: Assignment Mission Spies Spy

1B'art: "Seems like this page is really meant for Appropriate Technology, not Resources. Appropriate Resource missions seem to either steal a probe or some *actual* resources (ore, food, etc) or glyphs and bring them back in a cargo ship or mining platform (not sure what else). Often you get a message saying there was nothing available even though the mission is marked "successful". Presumably that happens when there is no cargo ship or no probes controlled by that planet."
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