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Archaeology Ministry

Archaeology Ministry

Archaeology Ministry

The Archaeology Ministry is the center or study of relics and ruins from the Great Race, and the studies of naturaly occuring wonders of beauty and resources.  The difficulty in making advances in this research make upgrading and mainting this building costly in both time and resources.

At the Archaeology Ministry you can:

Starting at level 11 you are allowed 1 Excavator per level of your Archaelolgy Ministry over level 10.  Examples: a level 18 Archaelogy Ministry will allow 8 Excavators, a level 30 Archaelogy Ministry will allow 20.  Also chances of making finds increase with the level of the Archaelogy Ministry.

You may only have one Archaeology Ministry on a planet.


There are 2 kinds of digs that are performed by an Archaeology Ministry.  Both can be used at the same time, or the Hourly dig can be used by itself.

Hourly Dig

There is no tab for this Dig in the Archaelogy Ministry instead the results from this show up in the hourly Excavator reports if you have not turned them off.  This dig performs in almost the exact same manner as an Excavator.  It will not however find artifacts.  It can however find glyphs depending on the types of ore produced by the body at 2x the chance.

Selectable Dig

With this option you can search through ore to find glyphs. Each search takes 6 hours to complete.

It takes 10,000 of a specific type of ore to search for a glyph. So to have a chance to find a gold glyph, you'd need to have 10,000 gold. Then you'd start searching in the archaeology ministry. You have a 1% chance of finding a glyph per level of the Archaeology ministry. Therefore at level 10 you have a 10% chance each time you search.

Each search consumes the 10,000 ore, generates 5k waste and lasts 6 hours.  You will receive mail at the end of the search only if the search is successful.

At level 11 this building allows the construction of the Excavator ship which has the possibility of uncovering glyphs, or other glyph building plans that are not available thru the Archeaology Ministry.


Glyph recipes can be found on the building pages within this wiki. Not all buildings can be built via glyphs, but those that can are documented within the wiki. See also the list of Glyph Recipes in this wiki.


Playing Tips:
This building is key to the advanced development of any empire and should be leveled as high as resonably possible.  Also since this building and the deployed excavators can find caches of any resource in this game it can serve as a source for a wide variety of foods to prevent loss of happiness due to lack of food types.  This is especially valuable in orbits 8-6, and 1.  Also it will provide small amounts of other ores not normally found on the planet.
This building was primarily operated by the use of glyphinator and a few other scripts that could build plans.  A modified version of glyphintor was produced to just manage the selectable dig and can be found here

Keywords: Glyph Buildings Construction Buildings

3fecund: "Only one of a resource producing feature, or Great Race technology building of each type will function per planet.

Glyph buildings and features such as ravines and forests use poorly understood phenomena that seem to interfere with or deplete each other. Thus all attempts by our best engineers have been unable to make a functioning second ravine, a second volcano, a second Citadel, etc. on a planet once the first is operational."
0Jazzeroki: "You can only build one of most glyph buildings per planet.  The game will not allow you to build a second one, just like the ministries."
1Lisvenachux Roytulin: "Are there any reasons such as countdowns that will make excavator sites ‘destroyed’ , but fighters are not useful to defend them?"
1Lisvenachux Roytulin: "I found fighters there all fine but my excavator site got ‘destroyed’ (reported as a ‘excavator result’ mail) with a different reason in the ‘results’ column."
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