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Buildings are how you advance through the technology tree (tech tree) in The Lacuna Expanse. Each building serves at least one specific purpose, and some buildings serve many purposes. 

No building may be upgraded past level 30. However it is possible to get a level 31 Gas Giant Platform or Terraforming Platform.  Because the ships turn into plans that are 1+ the level of the lab.  Meaning that a 1+30 plan is possible for these two buildings. You cannot however upgrade these platforms to level 31, you can only build them to level 31 using a plan.

A list of buildings with short descriptions can be brought up by selecting the Buildings category from the home page of this wiki. The url is:;keyword=Buildings

Buildings on your planet can be rearranged now via the API.  This functionality has not yet been added into the webclient itself.  However some other tools have been made available for this purpose.  See Clients and Utilities for a list of alternative tools for this game.

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5ore swappers: " check out building stats straight out of the server source code. (or building names to help with your scripts)"
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