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Clients and Utilities

Clients and Utilities

This is a list of the official clients for the Lacuna Expanse.

This is a list of the unofficial clients for the Lacuna Expanse.

This is a list of utilities available for the Lacuna Expanse.

  • Mission Editor
  • LacunaPHP
  • Games-Lacuna-Client (set of Perl utilities)
  • Lemming552 (set of Perl utilities that uses Games-Lacuna-Client)
  • Games-Lacuna-Task (Perl automator)
  • USGN (semi functioning local web-based tool)
  • Jazz Tools (a stand alone windows application. Requires Microsoft .Net 4.  Currently this tool only allows the rearranging of buildings on your planets.)
  • Lacuna-Automation (set of Perl utilities, including an excavator maintenance script)

This is a list of web-based utillities:

This is a list of browser extensions:

  • Lacuna Pro (Chrome)

NOTE: You should never use your regular password with an unofficial client or utility. Use the sitter password which you can set in the web client in the profile settings.

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